What Company Makes Lotus Car

What Company Makes Lotus Car

Lotus Cars is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and racing cars that is based in Hethel, Norfolk, England, and owned by Chinese automotive giant Geely.

Lotus cars have a history that dates back to 1952 when Colin Chapman founded the company in the United Kingdom. Through their more than 60-year history, they have become famous for beautiful sports cars, engineering achievements and leading motorsport performance.

Lotus produces cars that are light, agile, and incredible to drive. These are cars that use less powerful engines but almost double the power output due to their light weight and aerodynamic design. Their cars have also been used with success on the track, with the Lotus F1 Team having won two Formula 1 World Championships.

Lotus Cars was purchased by Geely in 2017. Since purchasing Lotus, Geely has invested heavily in the car manufacturer, investing in new facilities, research and development, and personnel. Geely is also helping to position Lotus as a luxury car maker.

Lotus Cars currently produces four different models of car, including the Elise series, Exige series, Evora GT series, and the new Evija series. The Lotus Elise Series was the original Lotus car and is still in production today. It is a two-seat sports car with a mid-mounted engine, which is renowned for its handling and performance.

The Lotus Exige Series is another mid-engine sports car and is renowned for its lightweight construction and powerful engine. The Lotus Evora GT is a mid-engine high-performance grand tourer with a naturally aspirated engine and sleek exterior styling.

Finally, the brand-new Lotus Evija is a limited-edition all-electric supercar with a futuristic design and incredible performance figures. The car is powered by a 70 kWh battery pack with four electric motors, producing 2,000 horsepower and 1,700 Nm of torque.

Lotus Sports Cars

Lotus has a long history with sports cars, giving the company a unique position in the automotive industry. Iconic Lotus sports cars of the past such as the Lotus Elan, Esprit and the Seven continue to be popular and sought after amongst enthusiasts today.

The Lotus Elise Series is an excellent example of the company’s sporty vision. This car has always been a popular choice thanks to its low weight, agile handling and affordable price.

Current models in the company’s lineup include the Elise S Cup and the Elise Cup 250. These models feature updated versions of the original Elise’s engine and have been optimized for track use. The Elise S Cup is great for casual track days, while the Elise Cup 250 is designed for serious track performance.

Lotus also produces a variety of limited-edition sports cars like the Lotus Exige Cup 430, which is a track-focused, limited-edition car. This model features an improved chassis, a powerful V6 engine and a lightweight construction.

Finally, the brand-new Lotus Evija is the pinnacle of the company’s sports car lineup. This car is an all-electric, limited-edition supercar that features an incredible 2,000 horsepower and 1,700 Nm of torque from its four electric motors.

Lotus Racing Cars

Lotus has a long history with motorsport and has produced some iconic racing cars. From Graham Hill’s Lotus 49 to Emerson Fitipaldi’s championship-winning Lotus 72, the company has been a dominant force in motorsport throughout its history.

Lotus currently has two teams in the ABB FIA Formula 1 World Championship, Team Lotus and Renault F1. Team Lotus is a British F1 team that is owned by the Geely Group, the parent company of Lotus. Renault F1 is a French F1 team that is powered by Renault’s engines and has a technical partnership with Lotus.

The Lotus F1 Team has had great success in the sport, winning two Formula 1 World Championships with drivers Kimi Raikkonen (2007) and Romain Grosjean (2008). Lotus is also known for its innovative approach to the sport, and they have been at the forefront of aerodynamic design and low-drag concepts.

To this day, the company continues to produce some great racing cars. Some of their more recent designs include the Lotus Exos T125, a track-only car designed for privateers, and the Lotus Evora GT4, a FIA GT4-spec sports car.

Lotus is also an active participant in the world of endurance racing, having made their debut in the World Endurance Championship in 2013. In 2020, Lotus returned to the championship with their brand-new Lotus Evora GTE car.

Lotus Foundations

In 2020, Lotus announced two global philanthropic foundations: the Lotus Foundation and the Lotus Media Group. The Lotus Foundation works to protect and promote the values, heritage and assets of Lotus through an array of charitable activities.

The Lotus Media Group is an independent journalism venture backed by Lotus and Geely, with the goal of providing trusted and balanced news and analysis on Lotus and the automotive industry.

The Lotus Foundation and the Lotus Media Group are intended to help further the vision of Lotus Cars, both as a respected car manufacturer and innovator, and as a responsible leader in the automotive industry. Through these foundations, the company is looking to build a better tomorrow.

Lotus Car Customers

Lotus Cars has a wide range of customers, from individuals to professional drivers. The company has created cars that appeal to both enthusiast and casual drivers alike, making the cars attainable for a wide range of budgets.

Many professional drivers are attracted to the cars due to their low weight, agile handling and incredible performance. The company also produces cars that are great for track days, such as the Elise S Cup and the Exige Cup 430, which are both optimized for track use.

For those looking for a daily driver, the Lotus Evora GT is a great option. This car is designed to offer both luxury and performance and has the credentials to go up against luxury grand tourers such as the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.

Finally, there is the new Lotus Evija, which is an all-electric supercar and a showstopper. This car is limited-edition and commands a hefty price tag but is a great choice for those looking for the ultimate performance and luxury experience.

Lotus Car Experience

Lotus Cars produce some of the world’s finest and most sought after cars and this is reflected in the way their owners drive and the experiences they share. Owners of Lotus cars typically enjoy going on road trips and attending car shows, workshops and other events with fellow car enthusiasts.

Lotus owners also enjoy being part of the competitive world of motorsport. The company’s F1 team provides a great opportunity for drivers to experience the thrill of competitive driving in a professional environment. The company also produces cars for competitive events such as track days and endurance racing.

Lotus owners also have their own online communities where they can connect with other owners and swap stories, tips and advice. There are also a variety of online forums and communities dedicated to Lotus cars where owners can discuss topics related to the cars and the brand.

Owners of Lotus cars truly appreciate the exciting driving experience they offer, combined with the luxury and comfort of the cars. Lotus cars are designed to make every journey a memorable one and their owners are a testament to this.

Lotus Care Maintenance

Taking care of a Lotus car is essential in order to maintain its performance and longevity. Regular maintenance and servicing can help to ensure that the car is always running at its best.

Lotus recommends that the car is serviced every 12 months or 15,000 km, whichever comes first. During the service, the mechanics will check all of the car’s mechanical and electrical parts and components to make sure that they are functioning properly.

Oil changes are also important to keep the car running smoothly and efficiently. The oil should be changed every 6,000 km or 9 months, whichever comes first. It is also important to check the oil level regularly and top it up when needed.

In addition, Lotus cars should be kept clean and waxed regularly. This helps to keep the paint in top condition and make sure that the car looks its best.

Finally, it is important to keep on top of any recalls or safety notices that may be issued for the car. If a recall or safety alert is issued, it is important to take the car to a qualified technician as soon as possible in order to address any potential issues.

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