How To Open A Web Development Company

Working with Clients

In order to open a web development company, it is important to consider how you will interact and build relationships with potential clients. Many web developers rely on repeat business to build their success, and a strong network of contacts will be advantageous. Much of the work in the web development industry is highly project based, and requires a skilled eye for design and development to be applied consistently. Keeping up to date with trends and reading through feedback from previous clients will help ensure your web development company remains competitive and at the forefront of web development technology.
Aside from the technical qualifications, your success will also depend on your ability to communicate with clients. Employing individuals with strong negotiation skills and the ability to confidently market the services you are offering. Finding a way of standing out from competitors can be a great way to ensure the company is at the forefront of the web development sector, with strong relationships with clients built on trust, loyalty and efficiency.

Staffing Needs

When opening a web development company, it is important to consider the staff needed to complete the tasks at hand. As the web development industry is highly demanding, employers should focus on seeking employees with specific web development experience, skills and qualifications. Employers must be clear on the requirements needed for each role, as the web development sector is constantly evolving. Finding employees with the right experience and skills is invaluable to the success of the company in the long term.
Before any individual is hired, employers should seek to build a portfolio of their previous work and read through client reviews associated with their previous job roles. Staff must be driven, reliable and able to pick up on any new pieces of technology as quickly as possible, as this will form the foundation from which software engineers and development teams can build.


Opening a web development company will require all of the same start-up costs associated with any other new business as, in addition to the technical team and software, you will need office space, furniture and stationary. Working out realistic projections and identifying upfront and ongoing investment will help when structuring the business model and deciding upon the best approach to take when opening a web development company.
Financing and managing cash flow will be a priority once the business is launched, as consistent payments will be required from clients to keep the lights on and pay salaries. Knowing the costs, prices and margins associated with the services you are offering will be invaluable in this regard, as it will give you an idea of whether the company is profitable or not. Seeking to create a contingency fund and building in safeguards against delays in payment or unexpected costs can help ensure the success of the company in the long term.


Marketing is an invaluable and often overlooked asset when it comes to opening a web development company. Being able to combine the technical aspects of web development with the marketing know-how required to promote the company and services offered can be of huge benefit to any business. With the rise of social media platforms and increased interest in digital marketing, now could be a great time to focus in on cultivating relationships with potential clients and creating an online presence.
Investing in SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and using relevant platforms within the web development sector can help increase the number of potential clients who come into contact with the company. Showcasing the company’s previous work, client reviews, and focusing on creating visuals which display the services offered in a clear and concise manner can have a huge impact on the growth of the company.

Project Management

Once clients have been established, it is important to ensure the projects associated with each are managed professionally and efficiently. Project management software can help ease the process, with features such as team collaboration, task management and tracking deadlines providing a clear understanding of the state of each project.
Utilising project management software can also make it easier to provide customers with timelines and detailed costings for any additional work, meaning quick turn around times and consistent delivery of projects. Working with client feedback, setting achievable goals and maintaining an understanding of their expectations throughout the project can be integral to keeping any project on track and properly managed.

Software Frameworks and Design

Being well versed in the latest software frameworks, along with a strong understanding of UI/UX design can be invaluable when opening a web development company. Software frameworks can be incredibly powerful tools when used correctly, allowing you to quickly and easily build a website bottom up, allowing potential clients to quickly see the potential of what you and your team can create.
Web design and UI/UX skills need to be carefully and concisely thought out, as these play a huge part in the overall success of a website. Using research and feedback from previous clients can help improve upon any existing designs, whilst taking into consideration the many different aspects that come into play when designing an interface for a website.

Strategic Growth

When opening a web development company, strategic growth should be a priority for the long-term success of the business. Growing the company through government grants, funding or private investments can be a great way to ensure that the business is able to expand quickly, whilst still keeping existing services up to the required standard. Utilising any feedback from clients to improve services and staying on top of any new technologies or integrations can make all the difference when opening a web development company.
Investing in technology as a business to increase efficiency and introducing more services, such as app and game development, into the portfolio can be a great way of expanding services and business potential. Understanding the market and finding out the ways in which competitors are growing can also reveal potential opportunities that could be implemented within the company.

Contingency Planning

When opening a web development company, it is important to have a contingency plan in place. With the rapid changes within the industry, planning for any unexpected scenarios that may arise can be greatly beneficial for the company in the long-term. This should include things enough such as mitigating risks, building a financial cushion, reviewing policies and ensuring staff are supported throughout any changes.
Any contingency plan should also encompass any changes in the technology or software available. Staying informed on the latest developments in the web development industry, along with any new products or services released can help ensure the company is ahead of any curve, and able to amend their services quickly and efficiently. Creating a plan for things such as organizing data, basic coding techniques and other techniques such as A/B testing can help develop the company as a whole.

Client Outreach

Client outreach is an integral part of opening a web development company. Seeking feedback from clients during and after projects and using this to shape any changes made within the company can be invaluable to a business. Utilising platforms such as social media or platforms from within the web development industry, such as GitHub, can help increase the exposure of the company and reach potential clients.
Networking and building relationships with clients through attending conferences and industry events can also be incredibly beneficial. Meeting clients face to face and understanding their perspective can provide invaluable information, as well as getting an insight into the competition. Keeping up to date with any changes made to regulations, laws and policies within the web development industry can help keep the company on the right side of any rules and continue to operate successfully.

Supplier Relationships

Having strong relationships with any suppliers on board when opening a web development company can be incredibly valuable. As the sector is incredibly demanding, having a supplier who can provide the right tools and services when required can help the company provide faster and more efficient services to clients.
Reviewing the market for cost efficient but high quality tools and services for the company to use can be a great way of keeping costs down, whilst still providing a high level of quality. Items such as software licenses, high-spec hardware and dedicated cloud resources should all be considered when sourcing suppliers, alongside any associated contracts or costs that come with these.

Technical Skillset

Having a strong technical skillset as a web development company is necessary for success. Building upon the existing skills of developers and engineers within the team, alongside offering training and courses where needed, can help keep the knowledge and expertise within the company up to date.
Furthermore, it could be advantageous to investigate the potential of using automation tools to help reduce the amount of manual work within certain projects. Automation tools such as Selenium and Jenkins, along with more advanced AI technology, can help team members to reduce the amount of manual work required, therefore making projects more efficient, precise and cost-effective.

Data Security

Securing any data needed for a project is also an essential part to consider when opening a web development company. Utilising advanced firewalls and validating any external data or files which may need to be used across multiple projects can help mitigate any risks involved.
Adopting an up to date data security procedure, including topics such as privacy policies, and ensuring the team understand the basics of these policies can be invaluable when handling data. Encrypting and hashing data, adopting a ‘ZERO trust’ approach, and separating private and personal data can help ensure the company is able to keep client data as secure as possible.

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