Who Owns Tvr Car Company

TVR Car Company, the classic British car maker, isn’t exactly a household name these days, but for classic car fans, the brand still has a lot of charm.

The company began life in 1947 when Trevor Wilkinson founded the Trevo Car Company. The company is best known for current models such as the Sagaris and Tuscans, which have been referred to as classic “British muscle cars”. While the company has been through several ownership changes over the years, the brand has been a fixture on the British classic car scene.

When the British sports car maker MG Rover Group went into administration in 2005, the rights to the TVR brand were bought by a Russian businessman, Nikolay Smolensky. After assuming ownership in 2006, Smolensky refurbished the company’s old factory and launched the Sagaris sports car.

By 2008, the new TVR had sold around 500 cars and was well on its way to being successful. However, in 2014 the company went back into administration after disagreements with the company’s suppliers. In 2015, a new company, TVR Automotive Ltd, was founded to take over the ownership of TVR.

The current ownership of TVR Car Company is unknown, with the company’s official website providing little information about the company’s current operations. However, there are reports that the company is currently owned by a consortium of British and Canadian investors.

The future of TVR is uncertain, however. The company has yet to launch any new cars, and there have been reports of a potential collaboration between TVR and Renault to create an electric sports car. If the rumours are true, this would be a major step forward for the company, and a sign of the direction TVR is looking to take in the future.

There is no doubt that TVR is one of the classic British car makers, and the brand still has a lot of fans. While the current ownership of the company remains a mystery, there are reports that the company is looking to the future and taking steps to remain competitive in the sports car market.

Motoring events

TVR is a popular brand for classic car enthusiasts and often seen at motoring events across the UK. The various TVR models, from the classic line-up to the more modern models, are popular among car enthusiasts and can be seen at shows from classic car shows to more modern events.

The brand is undoubtedly a classic and one that is still talked about by car fans, and the enthusiasm for TVR cars will undoubtedly remain until they finally come back to production. The brand can often be seen represented at events such as the Silverstone Classic and the National Garden Railway Show.

The brand also appears at events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Classic and Sports Car Show. TVR Car Company holds an annual event in Blackpool, which features historical race and rally models of the marque. This event is a great way to see historic cars in action and get a feel of the brand’s history.

These motoring events provide a great platform for TVR to show off their cars and get fans excited about their cars. It is a great way for the company to build up the brand and hopefully, one day, TVR will be back and producing cars once again.

Design aspects

When it comes to TVR cars, there are some design aspects that are synonymous for the brand. From the smooth body lines to the distinctive sound of the engines, TVR cars have a unique style and personality that make them stand out.

The design of the cars are also often very bold and unique, but still recognisable as being part of the TVR brand. The quality of the cars is also impeccable and is something that the brand prides itself on, investing time and money into ensuring that each car is of a high standard. As a result, many of the cars have stood the test of time and continue to be popular among car fans.

The design language of the brand is truly unique and the cars have a style that is unique to the brand. From the classic curves to the more modern lines, the cars have something for everyone. The cars are also incredibly good at taking corners thanks to their well-honed chassis and suspension set-up.

The cars also have a distinctive sound thanks to their exhaust note. When the cars are revved to the redline, they produce an unmistakable roar, which is why they are so popular.


TVR is one of the few car makers in the world that has remained true to its roots and has stayed innovative throughout its history. While some brands have focused more on design and technology, TVR has stuck to its principles of building lightweight, powerful cars.

The cars are also known for their raw power, which can take drivers from 0 to 60mph in a matter of seconds. Even today, the brand produces cars that are powerful and capable of reaching high speeds quickly, despite the fact that the cars are often considered to be older than many of their rivals.

The company is also known for its forward-thinking attitude, which has seen the company launch hybrid models of its cars and look into future technologies such as electric vehicles. This shows that the brand is not afraid to move forward and is always looking to the future.

The brand is also looking to lighten the weight of its cars and increase the performance even further. The cars are often considered to be some of the lightest and most nimble that money can buy, so it will be interesting to see how TVR develops its cars in the future.


TVR has always been a relatively small brand, even in its heyday, and it has never been a huge player in the automotive industry. As such, the brand has never had to resort to huge marketing campaigns and in many cases, the cars have sold themselves.

The company does have a fan base, however, and these loyal followers will often talk about their favourite cars online, which is a great platform for the company to spread the word about their cars. Additionally, TVR often has its cars showcased in popular culture, such as videogames and films, which can help to spread the brand further and reach a wider audience.

The company also participates in motorsport events, which can help to increase its visibility. Racing is a great way to showcase the brand and its cars, as they can often perform well on the track and show their true potential.

TVR is a unique brand and one that is still loved by car enthusiasts around the world. The company’s bold design and dedication to staying true to its roots has made it a favourite among those who appreciate classic cars, and the brand continues to strive for innovation even though the future of the company is uncertain.

Current Status

Despite the company’s current uncertain future, the brand is still going strong and is appreciated by classic car fans around the world. The company’s official website is full of positive news and reports of the brand’s ongoing development, and many fans are keeping up with the latest news in anticipation of the brand’s return.

It is unclear when, or if, the brand will be back in production, but one thing is clear – the brand still has a strong following. The company’s cars are often seen at classic and modern car shows, and the enthusiasm for the brand is still very much alive.

The brand also still invests in research and development, with various projects in the works that could see the company return to producing cars in the near future. In addition, the company has recently announced plans to launch a limited edition model, which suggests that the brand is planning for the future.

The future of the company remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure – the brand still has life in it and the enthusiasm for the cars will remain until the brand is back in production.

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