Who Owns Rolls Royce Car Company

When you think of luxury cars, the image of a Rolls Royce is sure to come to mind. But who owns this iconic automobile company? Founded in 1904, Rolls Royce is now owned by Germany’s BMW group, but as its proud corporate owner, BMW only holds two-thirds of Rolls Royce’s stock. The remaining third is split between two Saudi Arabian investors: the Saudi Public Investment Fund and Saudi Arabian businessman Turki bin Nasser, who jointly set up Rolls Royce Motor Cars Saudi Arabia in 2017.

In 1998 BMW bought Rolls Royce for a total of £570 million– making it one of Germany’s major acquisitions of that era. On acquiring the classic British brand, BMW became the fourth owner of Rolls Royce, taking over from Vickers who, before that, had been the company’s owner since 1980. Prior to Vickers, Rolls Royce was owned by the British conglomerate conglomerate Rolls-Royce Group PLC.

When the brand was acquired by BMW, the company had to make sure that the distinctiveness and typical British charm of the brand was retained. To this end BMW created an autonomous organisation to run their activities, branded as Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited. This firm assumes control over all facets of the brand– from design, engineering and manufacturing, to sales and marketing.

The purpose of this move was to ensure that the classic identity of the brand was not lost, in spite of the German company’s ownership. Especially at the start of the BMW ownership, management wanted to make sure that Rolls Royce was still true to its heritage and, more importantly, its customers. This strategy has since been successful, as Rolls Royce continues to be the pinnacle of luxury and quality within the automobile industry.

Today, Rolls Royce continues to be a benchmark for quality, design and engineering. Its cars are still, unmistakably, Rolls Royce and the world’s most exclusive and powerful cars. It is no surprise that a brand with such a formidable standing has attracted investors from abroad, as both Saudi Arabian investors, who further strengthened the presence of Rolls Royce in the Middle East and beyond.

High Quality Materials

It is not just the luxurious ambiance that makes Rolls Royce cars so sought after, but also their superior quality. The carmaker uses a selection of superior materials that ensure the impeccable manufacture of their vehicles. To this end, Rolls Royce has entered into an agreement with the world’s leading laborator, SGS automotive, to ensure the materials used to create their cars meet the highest quality standards.

From the state-of-the-art engines and fuel systems, to the hand-sewn leather interiors, Rolls Royce puts meticulous effort in making sure that the quality of each and every component used in the car meets their exacting standards. This ensures that customers get their money’s worth and that they get what they pay for – a car that truly is luxurious and well-crafted.

A Symbol of Status

As one of the world’s most luxurious cars, it is no wonder why Rolls Royce has become a symbol of prestige not just in the eyes of its clients, but also in the eyes of onlookers in general. Being the proud owner of such a car is an accomplishment not many can boast of and so it has become a way for its owners to demonstrate their success and social status.

Whether it is their iconic models such as the Wraith or the Phantom, a Rolls Royce is sure to turn heads and be the centre of attention. Even if not anticipated, it brings its owners recognition, which is something many new enthusiasts of the brand look forward to.

An Unequalled Car Brand

With its choice of superior materials, luxurious design and powerful engines, Rolls Royce is an unequalled car brand. It is as much a symbol of success as it is a representation of quality and class. For many years, the company has been a sought after choice for luxury-seekers and has upheld its standing in the automobile industry.

Behind this formidable name sits the ownership of BMW and the two Saudi Arabian investors, who together work to ensure that the company will live up to its name and remain the luxury car brand par excellence. It surely won’t be long before this magnificent luxury car will have many more imitators, letting us know that without a doubt, Rolls Royce rules the automotive world.

Market Growth and Expansion

The global reach of the brand has significantly grown following its acquisition by BMW and its alliance with the two Saudi Arabian investors. Rolls Royce now sees successes that span from the Middle East to Asia and from the US to Europe. This expansive growth strategy has included the establishment of the carmaker in some of the second biggest cities in the world in terms of demand for luxury vehicles, such as Istanbul, Toronto and Tokyo.

Following the trend of dynamic development growth, Rolls Royce and BMW also announced the launch of their collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. Although the specifics of this joint venture are unknown, it can safely be assumed that the two automakers are joining forces in order to shape the current technological and industry changes, including the trend of producing green vehicles.

Robots in Vehicle Production

The use of robots in vehicle production is now a regular occurrence in the automotive industry, and Rolls Royce is no exception. The technology used in the production of Rolls Royce vehicles is currently considered to be one of the most advanced in the market. For instance, the robots used in the carmaker’s factories are designed to work with extreme precision, making sure that all parts are correctly aligned.

As a result, Rolls Royce is able to maintain a higher level of quality control, which in turn ensures the safety of their vehicles. Additionally, the use of robots also decreases human errors and speeds up the production process, allowing for a faster delivery of the cars to their clients. This level of automation has certainly aided the success of the company and its vehicles.

Leasing and Service

Apart from being a luxurious car brand, Rolls Royce is also keen to provide its clients with an unforgettable experience. The company offers a range of services such as finance and leasing programs and a personal service tailored for each of its clients. This includes assistance with maintenance, different rental programs and a 24-hour support team to assist owners with any issues they might have.

In addition to this, the carmaker also offers a selection of extraordinary accessories. Such items include personalised interiors and options to create customised license plates, wheels, grills and even the car’s exterior. With this selection of options, clients of the brand can truly make their Rolls Royce their own.

The Resale Value of Rolls Royce Cars

Due to their popularity, it is no surprise that Rolls Royce cars are usually sold at a high price. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that these vehicles tend to retain their value for a longer period of time. This means that the resale value of these cars is quite high, thus making them a great investment.

In fact, some models of the brand even see a rising in demand as they get older. This is certainly one of the reasons why many people invest in a car from this distinctive brand knowing that it can financially pay off in the future.

The Prestigious Appeal of Rolls Royce

The prestige of owning a Rolls Royce is still very much sought after in today’s world. This is due to the many qualities that they embody, from their excellent workmanship and craftsmanship, to their seamless design and attention to detail. Furthermore, these cars have been seen driven by some of the world’s most famous public figures, making them even more desirable.

This desirability is further highlighted by the fact that, in reality, there are very few individuals that can truly afford this type of vehicle. Therefore, in addition to the luxury and quality provided by the car itself, clients enjoy the exclusivity and prestige that come along with owning such a car.

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