Who Owns Infiniti Car Company

Infiniti Car Company Overview

Infiniti is a luxury vehicle brand owned by the Nissan Motor Company, the leading automaker in Japan. Founded in 1989, the brand has built a strong presence in the premium segment of the auto industry, offering exclusive vehicles that are loved by drivers in more than 50 countries around the world. Infiniti cars feature high-quality materials and attention-grabbing design, reflecting the perfect blend of elegance, power, and luxury.
Infiniti has recently unveiled its updated lineup, featuring the 2020 QX30 crossover and the 2020 QX50 mid-size SUV. Both models boast powerful turbocharged engines, advanced tech features, and beautiful, avant-garde styling, allowing car enthusiasts to experience their excitement on a whole new level.

Infiniti Car Company Ownership

As mentioned earlier, Infiniti is a subsidiary of the Nissan Motor Company, the leading auto manufacturer in Japan. Nissan was established in 1921 by the founder of the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Group, Yoshisuke Aikawa, with the intent to build cars for the international market. Since then, Nissan has grown significantly and, in 1989, it founded Infiniti to create and deliver vehicles designed for a premium market.

Infiniti Car Company Performance

Despite being a relatively young brand, Infiniti has made significant advancements in the sector of luxury cars. Thanks to the Nissan’s cutting-edge engineering and design, and the modern technologies used in their cars, Infiniti has become one of the most respected premium car makers in the world.
Infiniti has won numerous awards and accolades over the years, being recognised as one of the best brands in terms of performance, safety, and customer satisfaction. According to the recent statistics, the company owns a considerable share of the premium market across the globe, reaching nearly 5% in North America and 3% in the European Union.

Infiniti Car Company Innovations

Infiniti stands for progress and innovation, introducing advanced features to its luxury cars that allow drivers to experience their drive at a different level. The brand has recently unveiled several groundbreaking technologies, such as the intelligent all-wheel drive system, the latest-generation powertrains featuring turbocharged engines, and semi-autonomous driving.
Additionally, the company has been investing in sustainable sources of energy and introducing eco-friendly technologies to its vehicles, such as hybrid engines, electric powertrains, and energy-storing systems. In this way, the brand proves that elegance, power, and efficiency can go hand in hand.

Infiniti Car Company Business Strategy

Infiniti has been focusing on customer satisfaction as the main strategy for its business. The company puts great effort in understanding its customers and providing them with the features and services they seek. To this end, Infiniti has been listening to customer feedback and introducing new product lines and services that are tailored to customer demand.
In addition, the company focuses on their financial performance, consistently setting their sales and revenue targets to ensure that their operations are profitable and sustainable over the long-term. In fact, despite the turbulent market conditions, Infiniti has achieved excellent financial results in the past years, reflecting the positive customer response to their vehicles.

Infiniti Car Company Opportunities

Infiniti has recently expanded its product lineup to feature three new vehicles. The 2020 QX30 crossover, the 2020 QX50 mid-size SUV, and the all-new G25 luxury sedan are now available in select markets, and they are set to help the brand increase its sales.
In addition, Infiniti has been focusing on its global expansion, entering new markets and leveraging online sales channels to reach more customers. To this end, the company has launched an online platform, allowing customers to purchase and customize their vehicles online. Moreover, Infiniti is on track to open several new showrooms in the major cities of North America and Europe in the near future.

Infiniti Car Company Challenges

Despite its success, there are certain challenges and obstacles that Infiniti faces in the competitive and ever-changing auto market. With the demand for hybrid vehicles increasing, the brand has to manage the transition to eco-friendly powertrains and energy-storing systems to maintain its competitive edge.
Moreover, there is a constant pressure on the company to introduce new technologies, stay ahead of their rivals, and stay relevant to their customers. To address this, Infiniti is investing heavily in research and development, seeking to introduce breakthrough technologies that will ensure the brand’s position in the market in the long-term.

Infiniti Car Company Brand Image

Infiniti has managed to create a strong presence in the auto market, being recognised as one of the leading luxury car brands. In fact, Infiniti enjoys a positive public perception and its vehicles are highly valued for their elegance and performance.
Moreover, the company recognises the importance of a positive public perception and actively engages in philanthropical activities, sponsoring local and international events, and investing in the communities in which they operate. This helps the brand strengthen their image, maintain a good relationship with their customers, and attract new customers.

Infiniti Car Company Conclusion

Since its foundation in 1989, Infiniti has managed to become one of the leading premium car brands in the world, offering vehicles that combine power, elegance, and luxury. The brand is owned by the Nissan Motor Company, the leading auto manufacturer in Japan, and it has won numerous awards and accolades, being recognised for its performance, safety, and customer satisfaction.
Infiniti’s success is attributed to the modern features and cutting-edge technologies used in their cars, as well as to the company’s focus on customer satisfaction and research and development. Additionally, the brand enjoys a positive public perception, thanks to its successful global expansion and its engagements in community activities.

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