Which Rental Car Company Gives Military Discount

Overview of Rental Car Companies Offering Military Discounts

A US miltarary discount on rental cars is a great way for service members and their families to save money on car rentals. But which companies offer military discounts? Rental car companies like Hertz, Enterprise, Avis and Budget offer great military rental car discounts.

Hertz offers its special military discount program called Hertz Military. Aside from discounts, Hertz Military also provides benefits like bonus points, special offers, weekend specials, and more.

Enterprise offers discounts for all active duty, reserve, and retired military service personnel. The amount of the discount depends on the type of vehicle rented, the location of the rental, and the duration of the rental.

Avis has a program called USAA Avis Military Discount. This program, available to military members and their families, can be found online via the Avis website and rental locations across the country.

Budget is another leading rental car company that offers military discounts and special offers. Budget offers discounts ranging from 10-30% and is available to all active-duty military, retirees, veterans and family members.

Eligibility Requirements and How to Apply

To be eligible for a military discount on car rentals, you must show a valid military or veteran identification card. You will also need to provide your military email address, a valid driver’s license, and a valid credit or debit card.

To apply for a military discount, you can either visit the rental car company’s website or visit the rental car office in person. You will need to provide your valid military or veteran ID as well as other proof of eligibility as required. Once you have applied for the discount, you will be given a discount code or voucher to use when booking your reservation. The discount will be applied at the time of checkout when you pick up the car.

In addition to the above requirements, some companies may also offer a military discount on select days or during off-peak times. It is important to check with the rental car company to see if they offer a discount and to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Benefits of Military Discouns & Advice on Using Them

Military discounts on car rentals can save military members and their families hundreds of dollars in annual travel costs. The discounts can also be applied to fuel purchases and insurance coverage.

When using a military discount on car rentals, it is important to know the terms and conditions of the rental. Check the rental agreement carefully for any hidden charges or fees. Additionally, if your rental period falls into times of peak demand, like the holidays, you may not be able to receive your discount. Make sure to check prices on multiple rental car companies to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Rental car companies offering military discounts make it easy for service members and their families to save money on travel. By using the discounts wisely, military families can stretch their budget further and enjoy more memorable trips.

Additional Rewards for Military Members

In addition to car rental discounts, military members also qualify for additional rewards. For example, many credit card companies offer special benefits for members of the military. These benefits can include travel rewards points, waived fees, airport lounge access, and more. Some banks even offer discounts on personal banking products and services to military members.

Other companies like Lowe’s and Best Buy offer special discounts to members of the military. Additionally, many retailers offer in-store discounts to military personnel. Be sure to ask a representative at the store if they offer any special discounts before making a purchase.

Another way to save money and support military members is to use shopping portals like Miles to Memories. This online service allows shoppers to save money by earning cash back on online purchases and linking their credit or debit card to the account.

These additional benefits can help military members save even more on their purchases and improve their financial wellbeing.

Military Discounts for Air Travel

In addition to car rental discounts, many airlines offer military discounts on air travel as well. Airlines like United, American, Delta, and Southwest offer special discounts for both active duty and retired military personnel. The discounts will vary depending on the airline and the route, but typically range from 5-25%.

When booking a flight, be sure to ask the ticket agent about military discounts. You will need to confirm your active duty or retired status by providing your military ID or other valid proof of eligibility.

Another great way to save money on air travel is through airline loyalty programs. Military members should also sign up for loyalty programs of their favorite airlines to take advantage of exclusive benefits and rewards. These rewards can include additional discounts, free flights and upgrades, and more.

Finally, military members can take advantage of other services like Military Per Diem, which helps cover boarding and lodging costs for military personnel on temporary duty. This service can help cut down on travel expenses and make it easier for military members to travel on a budget.

Group Travel Discounts for Military

Many rental car companies also offer group discounts for military personnel and their families. When traveling in groups, military personnel can save even more on car rentals. Hertz, Avis, and Budget are a few of the companies that offer discounts of up to 25% on group rentals.

Group travel discounts of up to 25% are also available on air travel. Airlines like United, Delta, and American all offer group discounts that allow military members to save money on airfare. When booking group travel, be sure to inquire about military discounts and offers.

Group discounts are also available for hotels and resorts. Companies like Marriott, Hilton, and Wyndham offer discounted rates for military members, as well as bonus loyalty points and other special offers. As with other discounts, it is important to inquire about military discounts and offers when booking hotels and resorts.

Group travel discounts are a great way for military personnel and their families to save money and make the most of their trips. By taking advantage of these discounts, military members can enjoy more unforgettable experiences.


Military discounts on car rentals and other travel expenses are a great way for service members and their families to save money. Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, and Budget are a few of the leading rental car companies that offer military discounts. Active duty, retired, and reserve military personnel can also take advantage of group discounts, loyalty programs, and other offers. By taking advantage of discounts and other rewards, military personnel and their families can save hundreds of dollars on their annual travel expenses.

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