Which Company Sold The Most Cars In 2018

Ford Sold Most Cars in 2018

In 2018, Ford Motors became the leading automotive company in terms of sales in the United States and Canada. Ford sold more cars than any other automaker in the year. In total, Ford sold over 2.5 million vehicles in 2018. This was up from 2.3 million vehicles sold in 2017.

Ford Market Share Increased in 2018

Ford’s market share also increased from 14.2% the year before to 14.9% in 2018. This was largely due to their focus on the midsized and pickup truck segments, where the company increased sales of both by 6.2% and 3.9% respectively. Ford was also able to capitalize on the declining marketshare of competitors like General Motors and Fiat Chrysler to further increase their sales in 2018.

EcoBoost and Hybrid Lineups Drive Ford Sales

Ford was also able to capitalize on the popularity of its EcoBoost and hybrid lineups to drive sales in 2018. The company sold over 37,000 EcoBoost vehicles in the year, setting a company record. Ford also sold over 58,000 hybrid vehicles, with their Escape hybrid alone accounting for 25,000 of those sales.

Ford Made Fleet Sales a Priority

Fleet sales were also a priority for Ford in 2018. The automaker increased its fleet sales by 25% year over year. In total, Ford sold over 180,000 vehicles to fleets in 2018. This was largely due to their success in the commercial van segment, where they sold over 35,000 vehicles to fleets.

Ford Launched Many Successful New Models

In addition to fleet sales, Ford also increased its sales by launching several successful new models in 2018. These included the refreshed Ford F-150, the all-new Ford EcoSport, and the redesigned Mustang. The F-150 was Ford’s

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