Which Car Company Owns Aston Martin

Remember the James Bond movies with the cars that left us drooling? Well, those cars were from the British carmaker Aston Martin, just one of the legendary supercars available today. Aston Martin have been revered as cars of luxury, quality and reliability and have been seen in some of the top Hollywood films since the company first opened in 1913. But who owns Aston Martin now?

It may surprise you to learn that Aston Martin is no longer owned by a British company. In fact, back in 2007 Aston Martin was bought by a Kuwaiti investment company. This was then followed up by a secondary investment from Italian exotic car maker Ferrari in 2012. This took the ownership of Aston Martin to a new level that it has never experienced before.

The Kuwait Investment Authority and Investindustrial initially purchased Aston Martin for approximately £479 million, this was one of the most spectacular deals made in the car industry that year. This was then followed up by the Ferrari ownership that gave Aston Martin the finance to produce its own engines rather than use the ones made by other companies. This meant that Aston Martin could retain its high production standards and its cars would be seen as a leading benchmark in the car industry.

The ownership structure of Aston Martin is important not just for its current production but also for its future. Aston Martin is widely believed to be aiming for an unprecedented IPO within the next few years and the ownership structure of the company will be key to achieving this. Aston Martin already has a solid foundation of investors with a wide range of financial capabilities that could help the company reach its boldest goals.

The new ownership structure has also effected the way that Aston Martin operate their factories. Aston Martin factories now operate with a more efficient production process that allows for a more efficient distribution of resources. The new owners have also invested heavily in new technology and research that helps the production process run more smoothly. This has led to an increase in production times as well as a decrease in cost.

Aston Martin is one of the most iconic car makers of our time and with its various ownership changes it is no surprise that the company is still revered today. Its past and present ownership has shaped the company and its cars and made Aston Martin the legendary supercar brand that it is today.

Effect Of Ownership Changes On Brand Image

The ownership changes have had a considerable impact on the brand image of Aston Martin. Many people assume that the cars they produce are of a certain level and with the different changes of ownership that have taken place, the brand has been able to project itself as an even more luxurious and exclusive brand for its customers.

The increased investment in technology and research has given the brand a more modern image as customers are aware of the improved production process and the passion for progress that is evident. Customers also perceive Aston Martin as a prestigious brand that is seen as the epitome of luxury and style. This has enabled the company to reach a larger global market which has helped the continued success of the brand.

The ownership changes have also helped to create a wider range of cars to suit different markets. Aston Martin now offer models in both petrol and electric options as well as other types of vehicles such as SUVs and vans. This has enabled the company to cater to a range of customers and further strengthen the brand image and profitability.

Aston Martin’s current owners have certainly helped to maintain the brand’s position as a leading supercar maker and have enabled them to continue the classic sports car heritage that has been a part of Aston Martin since the company began.

The Safety Of Aston Martin’s Cars

The ownership changes have impacted the safety of Aston Martin’s cars as well. Since the company has been owned by different organisations, safety standards have improved, with the latest models of Aston Martin all coming with the latest safety features that meet the highest level of safety standards. The increased research and development mean that the cars are equipped with the most up to date safety features such as airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes, lane-departure warning systems and adaptive headlights.

The new owners have also invested in advanced driver-assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control that help the driver to stay safe while on the road. This advanced technology helps to prevent collisions and keeps the driver in control of their car at all times.

The safety of the Aston Martin cars has benefitted not only from the new ownership changes but also from the improved technology and research that is used to design each car. The company’s engineers are constantly working to improve the performance, comfort and safety of their cars, ensuring that their customers have a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Improvement In Design Of Aston Martin’s Cars

The different ownership changes have enabled Aston Martin to invest further into their design process. With the injection of finance from Ferrari, the company has been able create some of the most iconic designs ever seen in the car industry. This has been evident in their new products such as the DB11 and the Vanquish, both of which have won design awards for their sleek finishes and modern design features.

The design process of each car is extensive, with the company utilising new technologies and design software to ensure that the cars are aesthetically pleasing as well as being practical. The new technologies allow the designers to create custom designs that meet the exact specifications of the customer and make sure that the car looks and feels unique.

The design process is not just limited to the exterior of the car. The improved technology includes the interior of the car, with the company focusing on making the cars even more comfortable and ergonomic. The company has also invested in making the cars even more luxurious, with some of their cars featuring custom leather interiors, premium sound systems and built-in entertainment systems.

Advanced Technology Used In Production Of Aston Martin’s Cars

The latest technology that has been used in the production of Aston Martin cars has enabled the company to reduce their emissions, increase their fuel efficiency and achieve higher top speeds. The company has invested in advanced powertrains, hybrid engines and turbocharged engines to ensure that their cars are able to achieve their maximum potential.

The improved technology has also been used to reduce the weight of the cars, resulting in faster acceleration times and improved handling. The company has made significant improvements to their chassis and body shell to reduce both the weight and aerodynamic drag of the cars which has resulted in increased fuel efficiency.

The new technologies have also been used in the development of driver assistance systems fitted to their cars. The company has used these systems to ensure that the driver and passengers can be kept safe whilst on the road by minimising the risk of collisions and improving the overall safety of the car.

Conclusion Of The Partnership

The partnership between the Kuwaiti Investment Authority and Investindustrial has enabled Aston Martin to reach unprecedented heights in terms of growth, development, and production. Since the inception of the partnership, Aston Martin have achieved highly efficient production and have invested heavily in new technologies and design, resulting in a luxurious and modern range of cars.

The partnership has also allowed Aston Martin to develop the safety technologies in their cars and the continued investment in research and development has enabled the company to continue to manufacture vehicles to the highest level of safety. The partnership has also enabled Aston Martin to continue its esteemed reputation in both the car industry and the entertainment industry.

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