Which Car Company Has Best After Sales Service In India

India has seen a steady increase in car purchases over the last decade and there are now more than 2.5 million cars on the roads today. With this, the competition amongst car companies has become fierce as they all strive to gain a larger piece of the pie. One area that car companies often compete on is in the realm of after-sales service, with each having their own unique offerings. This article will discuss which car company has the best after sales service in India and how car owners can benefit from it.

As per findings from the 2020 Brand Custodian, Tata Motors tops the list for best after sales service in India. The brand has earned the distinction for the third consecutive year, and it even shows a marked improvement in its service from previous years. Tata Motors offers its clients a ‘Tata Promise’ that they guarantee they will deliver on if the client’s cars require service work. This includes expressing service and detailed check-ups within two hours of a customer’s call. The technicians at Tata Motors are highly knowledgeable, experienced and well-equipped with the latest technology.

Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra are two other car companies that impressed when it came to after-sales service as per the 2020 Brand Custodian survey. Maruti Suzuki has a wide network of service centers spread throughout the country and offers a number of packages such as service perks, free road-side assistance and check-ups. Mahindra is not too far behind and offers a ‘Car Care Program’ where customers can avail of discounts on services, along with periodic check-ups and other services.

Along with these companies, Hyundai is another car maker that offers good after-sales service. Hyundai has one of the country’s widest range of service centers and offers customers free check-ups, discounts on services, extended warranties and more. The company is also known for its dealership-based road-side assistance, where customers can get help for their car whether it’s a flat tire, a tow or engine trouble.

When it comes to finding out which car company has the best after sales service in India, the answer isn’t always clear. Each company brings its own unique offering and it’s up to the customer to decide on which service they would prefer. However, the survey conducted by the Brand Custodian proves that Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra and Hyundai are all very competitive in the field of after-sales service and offer customers a range of benefits and advantages that they can take advantage of. So, it all depends on what service you require and the kind of car you own to decide which company provides the best after-sales service for you.

Pros of Car Company’s After-Sales Service

Car company’s after-sales service comes with several advantages for car owners. Customers can avail of discounts on services, regular check-ups and periodic servicing of their cars. Many car companies provide road-side assistance as well, which can prove to be extremely helpful in case of emergencies. Additionally, customers can also avail of extended warranties and replacement parts if needed. These services can greatly extend the life of a car and let the customers use it for years without worry.

Moreover, most car companies have specially trained technicians who offer skilled advice and repair work on their vehicles. These technicians understand the car’s mechanics better than average service staff and are capable of dealing with any issue the car may face. Their knowledge and expertise can be of great help in doing a thorough servicing of a car quickly and accurately.

Finally, good after-sales service also reflects positively on a car maker’s reputation. Customers who experience a smooth service process and good customer care tend to have more faith in the company and its products. This can go a long way in improving the brand’s standing among the public.

Cons of Car Company’s After-Sales Service

But while car company’s after-sales service has many benefits, there are some disadvantages that come with it as well. The most prominent disadvantage is the cost. After-sales services can be expensive in several cases, especially if the customer needs to get a major repair work. Furthermore, many companies also charge extra for regular check-ups and other routine services that may not be necessary for cars in perfect working conditions.

Moreover, customer service may also be an issue. Some car companies are known for their good after-sales service but may be lacking in customer care. Car owners may have to go through rigmarole or wait for extended periods to get their queries or issues resolved. As such, some may not be willing to pay for such services even if they are of high quality.

Finally, one of the biggest drawbacks of car company’s after-sales service is that it may encourage car owners to ignore minor issues with their cars. Many people opt for after-sales service only when something major goes wrong with the car, instead of regular servicing and check-ups. This can lead to an inadequate maintenance of the car, leading to further issues down the line.

Do You Need the After-Sales Service?

Whether you need the after-sales service of a car company depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you’re looking for regular check-ups and routine maintenance of your car, then opting for a car company’s after-sales service might be the right choice for you. However, if you prefer to do your own servicing and repair work, then it’s best to avoid the after-sales services of car companies.

When it comes to choosing the right after-sales service service for you, it’s important to assess your needs and budget. Most companies provide discounts on services and warranties and some may even waive the cost of servicing depending on the car’s age or model. So, do your research and find out the best after-sales service provider for your car.

Online After-Sales Services

With the ever-growing online marketplace, car companies have started offering online after-sales services to customers as well. This makes it even easier for car owners to get their cars serviced and repaired. All that is required is that the car owner visits the company website, create an account and enter the car details. Then, a technician from the company can be contacted online and serviced and repaired accordingly.

Online after-sales services are especially convenient for customers who travel often or have limited access to service centers. It also helps customers save time and money as the services are had within the comforts of their home. This also makes it easier for customers to track their car’s maintenance and repair records over time.

However, there are a few drawbacks of using online after-sales service as well. The most prominent one being that customers need to understand the technology behind the car’s operation in order to do effective repairs and servicing. Additionally, customers may also face difficulty in finding the right technician or replacement parts they need.

Importance of After-Sales Service

Good after-sales service is a crucial part of owning a car and is important for maintaining its condition and prolonging its life. A quality after-sales service also goes a long way in maintaining the car’s resale value. Additionally, it also helps in keeping the car safe and prevents any major issues from cropping up in the future.

Therefore, it is important for car owners to choose the right car company and the suitable service plan for their cars. Customers need to assess their needs and do their research on the various after-sales services available in the market. With this, they can be sure that their car is being taken care of in the right way and that they’re getting the most out of their purchase.

Things to Consider When Choosing an After-Sales Service Company

When it comes to choosing an after-sales service company, there are several things that customers should consider. One of the most important ones is the company’s reputation. Customers should check out reviews and ratings of the company and read up on its track record. This will give them an idea of the kind of service they can expect from it.

The cost of the services offered by the company is also important. As mentioned before, after-sales services can be expensive, so customers need to make sure that they’re getting the best deal for their money. Finally, customers also need to consider the quality of service and expertise of the technicians on offer. This will ensure that their car is serviced and repaired in the best possible way.

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