Where Is Kia Car Company From

Kia Motors, one of the largest automakers in the world, is a company which originates from South Korea. The name Kia is derived from the Sino-Korean characters ki meaning “to come out”, and a meaning “Asia” and is intended to be indicative of the company’s global reach.

The company was founded by Choi Joong-Knack in 1945 as Korea’s first domestic auto manufacturer. Initially the manufacturer only produced bicycles, but in 1952 began to assemble trucks. The company tasted success in producing small trucks by producing components for other Korean automakers and grew to be the largest independent manufacturer for Korean automotive industry. In 1974, Kia entered the passenger car market with the Brisa, a licensed version of the Fiat 124.

In 1986 Kia built its first fully integrated automotive plant to manufacture cars, and the first Kia car to roll off the production line was the 2-door Sephia sedan. The company then continued its success in creating various models of corporate vehicles, based largely on Mazda designs ranging from the Kia Sportage SUV. It was not until 1995 that Kia experienced its first take over, with Hyundai Motor Company purchasing the entire production line and becoming the largest shareholder. As part of the new alliance with Hyundai, Kia has received greater access to modern automotive technologies.

In 2004, Kia Motors America was established, signalling Kia’s first foray into the US market. The first cars from the new US plant were released in 2006 and since then Kia has grown to become the 10th largest automaker in the US. The company now enjoys wide success and recognition, as evidenced by its award for the Highest Initial Quality Brand in 2020. Kia has achieved a great amount of customer loyalty by providing high-quality cars at much lower costs compared to its competitors.

Experts agree that the successful rise of Kia can be largely attributed to the quality and affordability of their cars, which has allowed them to tap into an ever-growing market of budget-conscious car buyers. However, this success has come at a cost, as some critics feel that Kia’s vehicles have not taken full advantage of the technological advances made by its rivals. This is something the company seems determined to turn around, evidenced by the launch of its 11th model – the Niro. This car is capable of running 200 miles on a single charge, is fitted with an array of innovative features, and is expected to compete strongly against the likes of Tesla.

Kia’s approach to its vehicles has always been one of customer-orientation, focused on making cars that can meet the lifestyle needs of its customers. The company has also worked hard to improve its brand by consistently offering top-tier design, reliability, and customer support throughout the world. The company’s independent spirit is evident in its cars, evidenced by its wide range of models from luxury SUVs to green, eco-friendly vehicles. It’s clear that Kia is more than just a car brand, but rather a representation of what South Korean innovation can do.

Quality of Kia Cars

Kia Motors have been able to establish a loyal customer base, due to their commitment to building high-quality cars. Since the takeover by Hyundai Motor Company in 1995, the brand has increased their investment in research and development, in order to produce cars with features that are comparable to industry leaders like Audi and BMW. Kia cars have world-class safety features facilitated by the likes of autonomous emergency braking and blind spot detection and warning systems.

Cars like the widely popular Kia Sorento feature a fuel economy of 26 mpg and come with 4WD. Kia Optima is a popular sedan, which is seen to be a reliable family vehicle with a very competitive price tag for its class. These cars afford reliability and performance, making them highly sought after.

The carmaker also produces luxury cars at an affordable price, such as the Kia K900. The K900 driver’s seat is fitted with power adjustments, has 12-way adjustability and features voice command technology. Vehicles like this have enabled Kia to become recognised as a luxury carmaker and boast a wide range of vehicles that are suitable for different lifestyles.

After-Sales Services

Kia provides one of the best after-sales services for customers. These services include maintenance and repairs, giving car owners an assurance of reliability, confidence and safety. With the help of their customer service, Kia is extremely confident that customers will be able to solve any issues with their vehicles, as Kia has trained technicians that can get the job done fast and efficiently.

Those who use Kia cars receive a top-notch warranty package with extra coverage. This provides an additional layer of protection for the owners. Even after the car is out of warranty, drivers can benefit from various types of services such as complimentary oil & filter change and car wash, or discount on parts and accessories.

Kia also offers safety checks, roadside assistance and other services like vehicle exchange program, where customers are allowed to return the car within a certain time frame and receive an exchange car without any extra cost. Kia has also launched “Kia Centres of Excellence” in some countries, where customers can access specialized dealerships that offer support and maintenance.

Brand Awareness

In the past two decades, Kia has come a long way in establishing themselves as a leading car manufacturer. They have increased their visibility through various advertisement campaigns like the “Share the Ride”, which saw the release of the first Kia Super Bowl commercial. This campaign has won numerous awards for its innovative approach and resulted in the company receiving more attention from potential buyers.

In 2017 Kia Motors was recognised as the 5th most recognised automotive brand in the US. This has been achieved through campaigns that were designed to resonate with both the young generation and their families. It also helped Kia’s brand to establish a strong identity that is based on its commitment to quality, reliability and honest dealings with customers.

The most remarkable thing that Kia did was to invest in its facilities’ coverages and operations. The company has now entered into a partnership with T-Mobile to offer telematics services such as GPS tracking, diagnostic data and driver overview reports. With this, they have taken their brand awareness and customer convenience to a whole other level.

Customer Experience

Kia offers many customer experiences that go a long way to giving customers a feeling of complete security and satisfaction when it comes to the purchase and ownership of one of their vehicles.

The company offers a wide variety of car deals to choose from, like their famously popular 0% financing promotions. They also provide several discounts, credits and rebates, making them an attractive choice for first-time buyers. Other than this, Kia has a number of helpful resources available to customers who wish to learn more about their vehicles and the company.

The company has an online car configurator and an online dealership locator. Customers can also measure the performance of their vehicles with the Kia Connected Drive app. This service provides drivers access to real-time maintenance and performance data, that can be viewed on their smartphones.

Kia also provides a hassle-free welcome program, where they provide complimentary oil changes, car washes and pick-up and drop off services. The company also has service centers in key locations where one can easily access maintenance and repair services.

Accessibility of Kia Cars

Kia cars have become more accessible than ever as they can now be purchased from most major automotive dealerships. Online retailers also offer great discounts and special offers, allowing customers to save money when purchasing their cars. With the growing availability of finance and leasing options, getting the perfect Kia at the right price has become easier than ever.

Social media is also proving to be an increasingly valuable tool for the company. Kia uses it to promote their products, share customer experiences and launch new cars. This helps Kia to make its cars even more accessible, enabling customers to benefit from a wide range of discounts and offers.

Kia also understands the need to customize their cars. Customers have an option of customizing the exterior, interior and other features in order to suit their style. The company provides a variety of customization options, making it easy for customers to find the exact car they are looking for.

Finally, the company also offers customer service through their customer care team that is available for customers round the clock. The team assists customers with their queries in several languages and offers resolution to customer complaints with the utmost efficiency. The customer care team is a great way for customers to make their Kia purchase hassle free.

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