What Company Towed My Car

Why did my car get towed?

Many people have experienced the frustration of coming out one morning to find that their car has been towed away. This can happen for a range of reasons, and nobody likes to think of their car in the hands of a tow truck driver, but it’s important to know the facts and be prepared should a towing company come knocking.

Legitimate Reasons for a Car Being Towed

Firstly, a car can be towed if it is parked in a non-designated area where parking is restricted. This could be a residential area, a loading bay, or any other parking spot where it is not allowed to be parked. Private vehicles will also be towed away if they are unregistered or are using license plates that are out of date. Finally, a vehicle may also be towed if it has accumulated a certain number of unpaid parking tickets.

Enforcement of Towed Cars

In the event that a car is towed away, the regular procedure is for the driver to contact the local government or the police to learn which tow company was responsible for taking the car. The owner will then need to contact the towing company to confirm the charges, payment options, and where the car is being held. Once all this has been established, the owner will need to show proof of ownership, identification, a valid insurance certificate and a valid driver’s license before they can be allowed to take their car back.

Costs Involved in Retrieving a Vehicle

The costs involved in retrieving a car that has been towed vary depending on the tow truck company, but generally include the cost of the tow, storage fees and taxes. Generally, the towing fee for passenger vehicles is around $90, but these costs can rise to around $300 if the car needs to be towed from a difficult location or from the highway. In addition to this, the towing company can charge up to $20 a day in storage fees and the owner will also be responsible for paying any outstanding taxes or fines on the car.

Protecting Yourself Against Towing Companies

Unfortunately, there have been a number of reports of towing companies overcharging their customers and sometimes even illegally taking cars away. As such, it is recommended that car owners do their research and make sure that they only use legitimate towing companies that have a valid license. Additionally, car owners should try to always keep their parking tickets up to date in order to avoid the possibility of their car being towed away.

What to Do If Your Car Is Wrongfully Towed

If a person believes that their car has been wrongfully towed away, they should contact the towing company immediately to clarify the issue and explain why their car should not have been taken. If the problem cannot be resolved, then the car owner should take their case to the local Department of Motor Vehicles or to consumer protection agencies, who will be able to help them resolve the issue.

Compensation for Unjustified Towing

If a towing company is found to have wrongfully towed a vehicle, then they may be liable to compensate the car owner for any expenses incurred. This includes the cost of towing and storage, plus any fines or taxes that have been paid, as well as any additional costs such as legal fees or medical expenses if the towing company has caused an injury while towing the car.

Common Misconceptions About Towing Companies

Many people believe that towing companies have an unlimited right to tow vehicles, but this is not always the case. While a towing company can legally tow away cars that are parked in restricted areas or on private land, it is important to remember that they may not enter onto private property without permission. Additionally, if a tow truck driver is found to be operating without the proper license, or if they are found to be operating in a negligent manner, then they may be prosecuted.

Overcoming Difficulties Dealing With Towing Companies

It is understandable that many people feel intimidated when dealing with towing companies, but it is important to remember that the vehicle owners have rights too. If a car has been wrongfully towed, then the owner should not be afraid to stand up for their rights, and if necessary, involve consumer protection agencies or even the courts to ensure that justice is served.

Reporting Bad Practices of Towing Companies

If a towing company is found to be acting illegally or unethically, then it is important that car owners report these practices to their local Department of Motor Vehicles or consumer protection agencies. Towing companies are regulated by local authorities, and any reports of wrongdoing can help to ensure that further regulations are put in place and that the towing company is held accountable for their actions.

What to Expect From a Legitimate Tow Truck Company?

A legitimate tow truck company should always have a valid towing license, as well as valid insurance policy. They should also be knowledgeable about any local laws and regulations when it comes to towing, and will always be transparent and honest when communicating with their customers. Additionally, the cost of towing should be made clear upfront and the tow truck driver should be courteous and professional.

What Should Be Expected From the Driver?

The tow truck driver should always maintain their professionalism, and should always be polite to their customers, no matter the situation. This should be regardless of whether they are towing a car from a difficult location, or simply from a parking space that is in violation of a regulation. Additionally, the driver should always be prepared to answer any questions that the customer may have.

What To Do If There Is an Emergency?

In the event of a break-down or an emergency, it is important to know who to call. Towing companies typically offer emergency services, and car owners should keep a list of reputable towing companies that can be called in an emergency. Knowing who to contact in such a situation can help to ensure that a vehicle is retrieved quickly and safely.

Closing Thoughts

Dealing with towing companies can be a stressful experience, however, it is important to remember that the vehicle owner still has rights, and that if a towing company has acted illegally or unethically then the owner should not be afraid to report this. Additionally, having an emergency list of reputable towing companies on hand is also a good idea, as it will help to ensure that the process is hassle-free in the event of a break-down.

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