What Company Owns Genesis Cars

Background Information on Genesis Cars

Genesis cars began in 2015 as Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury automotive brand in Korea. After gaining traction in the Korean market and gaining acclaim for superior vehicle design and quality, Hyundai decided to expand the offering to the North American market, debuting the first Genesis model, the G80, on the U.S. soil in 2016. The G80 paved the way for subsequent models that included the G70, GV80 and GV70, which have become highly sought after vehicles.

Today, the Genesis brand is renowned for its luxurious rides, comprehensive offerings and top-notch customer service. It’s no wonder that the brand has quickly become a favourite amongst luxury buyers around the world.

Hyundai Motor Group

Genesis cars are owned by Hyundai Motor Group, a South Korean conglomerate, which is one of the world’s largest automakers. The group is the parent company of Hyundai, Kia and the Genesis brand. The group also owns several subsidiaries like Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Steel, Hyundai Rotem, Hyundai Glovis and Hyundai Wia, which contribute to the development of Hyundai’s cars. Hyundai Motor Group sells its cars through more than 12,000 dealerships and more than 500,000 in over 8 countries.

Notably, the group has injected large investments in research and development and is the leader in creating many of the car industry’s most advanced technology for superior convenience and safety. The company has also made a commitment to sustainability and has set ambitious carbon emission goals for the future.

Expert Perspectives

“Hyundai Motor Group has made an overarching effort to lead the industry in its sustainability efforts and I commend them for their commitment to the environment and their impact on the global automotive market,” says Professor Daniel McDermott of Stanford University. “Genesis has become a renowned luxury car brand with quality that rivals more expensive competitors in the market, while maintaining its competitive pricing and excellent customer service.”

Auto industry expert April Lee shares Professor McDermott’s views on the automotive giant. “Hyundai Motor Group has emerged as a key player in the global car market, and Genesis is leading the charge in terms of luxury vehicles and features. Hyundai has created an all-encompassing, modern driving experience that is designed to keep In today’s fast-paced world.”

Closing the Gap

Today, Genesis cars are considered to be the equal of their premium German and American counterparts, bridging the gap between the two brands. Genesis vehicles offer luxury appointments and driver-centric features that rival their rivals, but at a more accessible price point. As one of the first luxury brands to challenge the status quo, Genesis has proven that luxury cars can be had without forfeiting quality or innovative design.

The range of options available across the Genesis line is also a clear indication that the company hasn’t only created a “luxury” car, it has designed a complete range of vehicles that reflect the brand’s commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction. The range includes SUVs, sedans, and even a hatchback model – all of which come with a host of driver-centric features that are associated with luxury vehicles.

Further, Genesis has set the benchmark for customer service. The company has a unique approach to customer service, which includes 24/7 roadside assistance, complimentary scheduled maintenance and the ability to schedule service appointments online or by phone.

Analysis & Insights

Genesis vehicles feature a range of improved driver-centric features, such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist, keyless entry, and more. Further, Genesis vehicles are also equipped with advanced safety systems such as Smart Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist, among several others. These features provide drivers with a heightened sense of security and provide an unparalleled, luxurious driving experience.

What’s more, Genesis cars are designed and engineered to be efficient, offering an enviable fuel economy, low emissions and quiet cabins. This ensures that you don’t have to give up luxury for cost efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Hyundai Motor Group’s commitment to innovation has enabled Genesis to create one of the most luxurious and comfortable rides on the market today. The inclusion of advanced safety features, along with a range of driver-centric features and impressive fuel efficiency, make Genesis vehicles hard to beat in terms of value for money.

Quality & Durability

In addition to luxury options and driver-centric features, Genesis cars also boast impressive durability. Thanks to the advanced engineering of their vehicles, parts last longer and are more reliable. This is supported by the brand’s industry-leading 10-year/100,000-mile warranty. This makes Genesis cars an attractive option for buyers who want a car that will last and require minimal maintenance.

Genesis cars are also designed with advanced technology to ensure a smoother and more efficient ride. This includes features such as the Dynamic Stability Management system, which constantly monitors and adjusts the vehicle’s stability to provide the best performance and handling experience. The GV80 also comes with an Active Cornering Brake system, which provides access to a wider range of emergency maneuvers.

The attention to detail that Genesis has paid to its range of vehicles is quite impressive and is reflected in the vehicles’ construction, performance, and durability. It’s no wonder that Genesis cars have become a favorite of luxury car buyers.


Genesis is committed to pushing the boundaries of what a car can do and has continuously worked to incorporate innovative technologies into their vehicles. Cars from the G80 to the GV80 are equipped with parts and functionalities not yet seen in the automotive industry, such as the 18-way adjustable driver’s seat and wireless device charging capabilities.

This is in addition to features like the world-first smartphone-based Digital Key, which enables drivers to lock and unlock the car with a smartphone, and the Remote Park system, which allows the driver to start and stop the car with the press of a button.

The Genesis brand has created a new vision for the automotive experience by combining the latest technological innovations with intuitive user interfaces and convenience. From voice-activated infotainment systems to motion-activated interior lighting and sound systems, the range of features on offer set the standard for other luxury carmakers.

Marketing & Branding

The Genesis brand has positioned itself as a “luxury” brand in the automotive landscape, with high-end marketing campaigns that often feature celebrities and include unique, cutting-edge technology. This strategy has helped to increase the visibility of the brand and draw the attention of potential buyers.

The company has also partnered with major influencers, creating branded content and launching promotional campaigns, to reach its target audience. This creates a consistent brand identity, which helps to reinforce the company’s commitment to quality and luxury.

These strategic marketing tactics have enabled Genesis to create a recognizable brand and carve out a space in the luxury car market. The reach of their brand has extended to over 8 countries, making Genesis one of the world’s most recognizable luxury automobile brands.

Competitiveness & Value

Genesis cars offer premium features that come at an attractive price point. This creates a unique proposition for buyers, as vehicles from luxury carmakers tend to come with a hefty price tag. Genesis cars offer luxury appointments and exquisite design, without compromising on quality or value.

This unique approach to value, along with the brand’s commitment to safety and customer service, makes Genesis cars a compelling option for luxury car buyers. Genesis vehicles create a complete driving experience, with luxury features and innovative technology, while also maintaining affordability.

Hyundai Motor Group’s commitment to investing in research and development, and its responsiveness to customer feedback, have enabled Genesis to become a leader in vehicle design and engineering. The brand’s focus on quality and its drive for innovation have made Genesis cars one of the most sought-after luxury cars in the market.

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