What Company Makes The Saturn Car

History of the Saturn Car

The Saturn car was first manufactured by the Saturn Corporation in 1990. Originally a subsidiary of General Motors, the brand was developed as an alternative to its more expensive cars. Its goal was to provide a quality car at an affordable price, and the Saturn car was marketed as reliable and economical transportation. In 2002, the company stopped producing the line and subsequently re-badged as other GM brands. Since then, the Saturn car has become a relic of the past.

At the time, the compact car market was shifting away from bland, affordable cars to more stylish and powerful models that carried higher price tags. The Saturn was an effort to bridge that gap, prioritizing style and features over cost. With a sleek exterior, the Saturn car was somewhat less boxy than its competitors, giving it a distinct and modern look.

The company’s advertising campaign focused on the Saturn car’s uniqueness and customer satisfaction. The slogan “A Different Kind Of Company, A Different Kind Of Car” spoke to the car’s status as an affordable option for those who wanted something different and not just another affordable compact car. The ad campaigns were also noteworthy for their creative use of cartoons and live-action vignettes.

The Saturn car was offered in several trim levels, including S-Series, Coupes, Sedans and Wagons. Depending on the model, the cars featured 1.9L-5.5L four-cylinder engines and manual transmissions or four-speed automatic transmissions. The car’s economy, durability and good fuel efficiency made it popular with buyers.

Notable models included the Saturn SL, which featured a sporty 1.9L engine and power windows and locks; the Saturn SW, which was a wagon model, and the Saturn SC, which was a coupé version of the SL.

The Saturn car was also popular for its affordability. Prices ranged from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the model and trim level. This was much lower than similar cars from competitors such as Honda and Toyota, making the Saturn a particularly attractive option for budget-minded buyers.


The Saturn car was a success for the company. In its first year, the company sold over 150,000 cars, exceeding sales targets. The car also garnered awards from both Consumer Reports and Motor Trend. The car’s unique styling won over reviewers, who praised its affordability and fuel efficiency.

The Saturn car was also a major contributor to the overall sales of General Motors, which was lagging behind its competitors. The success of the Saturn car helped to turn things around for the company, and by 1994, the brand was the fourth largest-selling car brand in the United States.

The Saturn car was praised for its reliability and the company’s customer service. Many customers found the company to be more responsive than other automobile companies, and the company was proud of its dedication to customer satisfaction.


In 2002, the Saturn Corporation discontinued the car. They re-badged many of the models as other General Motors brands, such as the Saturn Vue becoming the Chevrolet Captiva. This marked the end of the Saturn car, though the company continued to manufacture its SUVs and the Saturn Ion sedan until 2007.

In 2009, the company was dissolved and the Saturn brand was discontinued. Saturn became a footnote in automotive history, remembered as a pioneer of affordable cars with a focus on style and customer satisfaction.


The Saturn car had a lasting impact on the automotive industry. It was the first company to offer a reliable, stylish car at an affordable price, and its success prompted other manufacturers to follow suit. It was also the first company to offer a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, paving the way for similar warranties from other car companies.

The Saturn car was also a pioneer of customer service, setting the industry standard for responsiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction. The company’s emphasis on customer satisfaction was so strong that many of its former customers are still loyal to the company, even though the company no longer exists.


In recent years, there have been rumors of a new Saturn car, though the company has yet to make any official announcement. General Motors has acknowledged that it is looking into the possibility, though they have not elaborated on the details.

The speculation has been fueled by a number of factors, including the rise of electric cars and the changing automotive landscape. It is also possible that General Motors is looking to capitalize on the nostalgia associated with the brand, as the Saturn was a beloved car for many. Whatever the reason, if a new Saturn car does come to fruition, it will be interesting to see how the company attempts to update the car for the modern market.


The Saturn car was a unique and innovative entry into the automotive market. It provided an affordable option for those looking for quality, stylish cars, and its focus on customer satisfaction helped to redefine the industry standard. Though the car is no longer produced, it continues to have an impact on the industry, and a potential reintroduction could certainly bring back memories of the beloved car.

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