What Company Car Does Lidl Give

Background Information

Lidl is a German discount retail chain that expanded to the UK in 1994 and has over 11,000 stores across Europe. The company offers a number of employee benefits including discounted store items, flexible working hours and pension schemes. One such benefit they offer is a company car. This is great news for current and prospective employees. Company cars are a great incentive for individuals to join and stay with the company, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of driving a car without the expensive upkeep or cost of purchase.


To be eligible for the Lidl company car, individuals must have been working with the company for a minimum of two years, must be in receipt of a salary of at least £25,000 per annum and should not already have a company car. They must be employed in a role that offers the benefit of a company car and meet the other criteria in place. Those eligible will be able to choose from a list of predetermined cars that the company offers, including electric and hybrid models.

Benefits and Advantages

The main benefit and advantage of a company car from Lidl is that it can significantly reduce the cost of personal car ownership. This is because the company takes on some of the burden of the cost, with the employee’s salary not being impacted. The majority of the cost of the car, insurance and petrol is covered by the company. In addition to this, the employee will not have to worry about the upkeep, repair or resale of the car and can choose from a list of cars provided by the company.


Before deciding to take up a Lidl company car, it’s important to consider all of the factors involved. For example, employees should consider the cost of tax, both when they are receiving the car, as well as when they decide to sell it. Additionally, there may be a contract in place that requires the employee to commit to a certain amount of usage. This contract should be read carefully to ensure it meets the individual’s requirements.

Insights from Experts

Experts suggest that prospective employees should weigh up the pros and cons to decide whether or not the company car is a worthwhile benefit. Although there are many benefits associated with owning a company car from Lidl, such as lower costs, reduced responsibility for upkeep and repairs, as well as gas expenses, individuals should be aware of the potential downsides such as increased tax liability, as well as potential contractual commitments.

Insights and Analysis

Overall, a company car from Lidl is a great incentive for those who are considering joining the company or who decide to stay with the business. As well as potentially reducing the cost of owning a personal vehicle, it also helps to reduce an area of life-related costs, meaning there’s more money in the bank each month. Additionally, those eligible have the opportunity to choose from a range of cars, including electric and hybrid models, meaning they can keep up with the pace of the changing automotive industry.

Environmental Impact

The Lidl company car scheme offers a great opportunity for those looking to make a positive contribution to the environment. This is because the company offers individuals the chance to choose from electric and hybrid models, meaning they can make use of the latest in eco-friendly automotive technology. Additionally, the company can help to offset the emissions of its company cars, through the provision of green energy schemes, meaning the cars are less likely to contribute to climate change.

Incentives and Vouchers

As well as providing a company car to eligible employees, Lidl also has a number of other incentives and vouchers in place. These range from fuel cards, discount store items, and additional travel and holiday days. All of these provide another great opportunity for current and prospective employees to make the most of the employer benefits that Lidl offers. Vouchers are a great way for individuals to make the most of the company discounts, whilst also building loyalty to the brand.

Flexible Policies

Lidl is dedicated to providing flexible policies to ensure its employees are catered for and are well looked after. This is demonstrated by its range of flexible working hours and its generous annual leave allowance. It is also possible to gain additional time off or flexible working hours depending on the requirements of the job role, such as needing to work around childcare or personal commitments.

Technology Upgrades

One of the great benefits of being a part of the Lidl company car scheme is that employees can upgrade to the latest model of car when they are eligible. This is great news as it means employees have access to the latest in automotive technology, whilst also having cost effective transport. Additionally, if the employee wishes to opt for an electric or hybrid model, then they can benefit from lower running costs and reduced emissions.

Technology Extras

In addition to the car itself, employees also get access to some extra technology. This often includes satnav systems and hands free communication, meaning they can use their device to access maps, music and more, whilst keeping their hands on the wheel. Furthermore, some models are also equipped with the latest safety features such as lane assist and automatic braking, helping to reduce the risk of accidents.

Alternative Options

Not everyone may be eligible for a company car from Lidl, and there are alternative options out there. Those who are not eligible can look at leasing a car or using a car sharing scheme. Leasing allows individuals to have access to a car without having to worry about the upkeep or repair costs, whilst also not having to commit to a long-term contract. Alternatively, car sharing schemes offer individuals the chance to rent a car, only paying for when they need it.

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