What Car Company Owns Jeep

History of Jeep

The Jeep is an American automobile and brand of off-road vehicles that first appeared in WWII and is one of the most iconic cars in the world. It was developed by the American Bantam Car Company in 1940 and was used by the United States and its allies in the conflict. Following the war, Jeep became a civilian vehicle and has been used for both military and civilian purposes ever since. It has become one of the longest lasting automotive brands, with its models serving as the first SUV and being used in everything from sports and recreation to farming and military applications.

The Jeep brand has been owned by multiple different companies over the years. The first to acquire Jeep was the Willys Motor Company in 1941, who then sold it in 1953 to Kaiser Motors. The next owner was American Motors Corporation in 1970 and during their time as responsibility for the Jeep brand, the company was responsible for the development of iconic models like the CJ-5, CJ-7 and the Jeep Cherokee.

Chrysler & Jeep

In 1987, Chrysler acquired Jeep from American Motors Corporation and took sole responsibility for the design and production of the vehicles. Chrysler was responsible for some of the most popular models of Jeep in the 1980s and 1990s, such as the Grand Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler.

It is under Chrysler’s ownership that Jeep has established itself as one of the most recognizable and beloved nameplates in the automotive world. Over the years, Jeep’s models have found success both on and off the road, and Jeep has become synonimous with adventure, exploration and freedom. This has been cemented further by the vehicle’s portfolio of military use, as well as its appearance in popular culture.

Jeep in Recent Years

In 2009, Jeep became part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after a series of mergers. FCA is one of the world’s largest auto makers and has allowed Jeep to grow further and become a staple of modern day cars, becoming a symbol of luxury and adventure.

Jeep has continued to expand its range and has found success in both on and off road. This can be attributed to the brand focusing on its core values of freedom and adventure and creating vehicles that strive to offer the best of both worlds. Jeep vehicles are also now capable of semi-autonomous technology, offering drivers and passengers a more connected and safe driving experience.

Company Culture

The success of Jeep ultimately lies in the company culture at FCA, which continues to prioritise innovation and a commitment to their core values. FCA promotes creativity and encourages a workforce to ‘Think Outside the Box’, resulting in vehicles that capture the imagination of drivers and instil a sense of ownership and loyalty. The company also facilitates a strong relationship between its employees and customers, creating a connection that extends beyond the boundaries of the automobile.

As Jeep continues to build upon its legacy, it is clear that FCA understands the importance of staying true to the brand and is constantly striving to improve and innovate.


In conclusion, Jeep is a brand that has been owned by many different companies over the years, with Chrysler’s acquisition in 1987 proving to be a key milestone which cemented the Jeep brand’s place in the automotive world. The company culture at FCA is one that encourages innovation and creativity, allowing Jeep to continue to produce exciting and reliable vehicles that capture the imaginations of drivers all over the world.

Market Performance

Jeep’s market performance over the years has been nothing short of superb. The brand as seen market share skyrocket over the past few years and it has become the go-to choice for many seeking an SUV or off-road vehicle. Year on year sales have been strong and the brand continues to grow, with novel models like the Grand Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler proving popular choices.

The success of Jeep can also be attributed to its presence in fashion and pop culture. Celebrities and influencers alike frequently reference the Jeep brand in their outfits, music and media, increasing its exposure and celebrated status among the public. This is indicative of how far the brand has come since its humble beginnings in the 1940s.

Advertising & Promotion

Another factor in Jeep’s success is its constant presence in advertising and promotion. The company has embraced innovative marketing strategies to promote its vehicles, with campaigns that feature celebrities, influencers and athletes from across the world. Additionally, the company produces cinematic adverts that speak to the spirit of adventure, often reminding people of Jeep’s off-road roots.

The marketing campaigns have been received well and have helped to further build on the brand’s legacy, increasing awareness and inspiring a sense of loyalty amongst consumers.

Future Outlook

The future of Jeep looks bright and the brand looks set to continue its place as one of the most iconic names in the automotive world. To remain competitive in a rapidly changing market, Jeep will have to stay ahead of the curve with regards to innovation and technology, while still staying true to its core values. We are likely to see plenty of exciting new models over the coming years and Jeep is sure to remain at the forefront of motor developments for years to come.


Ultimately, Jeep has become one of the world’s most recognised and beloved automobiles thanks to the companies who have been responsible for its ownership over the years. Through innovation, marketing and promotion, Jeep continues to maintain its status as an iconic brand and looks towards an exciting future with plenty more innovations and developments on the way.

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