Is The Abby Lee Dance Company Still Open In Pittsburgh

Is The Abby Lee Dance Company Still Open In Pittsburgh?

The Abby Lee Dance Company may be familiar as the award-winning studio where the Lifetime network show, Dance Moms was filmed. In 2020, the studio closed due to the pandemic, leaving many wondering if the studio permanently shuttered its doors, with the majority of its activity shifting online in the wake of the crisis.

Though the show ended after a tumultuous 8-year run, the original studio that filmed the show was located in Homestead, Pennsylvania, which is just outside of Pittsburgh. Many were surprised when the studio announced its closure; however, the owners had foreseen that the venue wouldn’t last much longer.

The Abby Lee Dance Company was opened in 1995 by Abby Lee Miller. Over the years, she turned it into a world-renowned studio, and a key attraction for tourists. In 2014, Miller sold the studio to her former assistant, Shannon Dumetz, and the studio was then renamed, ‘The Shannon Studio of Dance.’

Unfortunately, the studio wasn’t able to survive COVID. In March 2020, it was forced to close due to the pandemic and halt all classes, rehearsals and performances. However, it didn’t mean the end of the Abby Lee Dance Company.

The studio managed to continue with activities by streaming lessons online, and launching a wide range of virtual classes and workshops. This enabled many of the studio’s former students to keep their enthusiasm for dance alive, while providing new members with the opportunity to take part in online classes.

When the studio closed last year, many expected the Abby Lee Dance Company to completely disappear. But surprisingly, in April 2021, the studio announced that it was reopening, not in Pittsburgh, but in Los Angeles.

The studio is relocating to the Echo Park district of Los Angeles, where it will continue to provide dancing classes to children, mature students and professionals. The new Abby Lee Dance Company will occupy a 5,000 square-foot space, and will offer classes in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary and tap.

The Impact On Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has been home to the Abby Lee Dance Company for many decades, and the city has enjoyed the vibrancy it has provided for its creative culture. Its re-relocation to Los Angeles can be seen as a great loss for the city, as the Abby Lee Dance Company is no longer there to ensure its status as a city of art and culture.

Local Pittsburgh newspapers have already begun to lament the studio’s departure, citing that it was “a mainstay of Pittsburgh’s art community throughout the years.” Many also suggest that the move to Los Angeles further cements Los Angeles as the mecca of American entertainment, leaving other regions feeling at a disadvantage.

This was demonstrated by an article in the ‘Pittsburgh Quarterly’ magazine, which stated that the move was “a huge blow to the local art scene, which has long been trying to make its mark nationally, but has struggled to make headway against LA’s powerful creative culture.”

Community Response

The news of the studio’s relocation didn’t only shock the local community, but also the dance world. Dozens of posts have flooded social media sites and message boards from current and former members of the Abby Lee Dance Company, expressing their dismay and sharing memories of the studio.

Many of the posts praised the studio’s success, with many heralding the Abby Lee Dance Company as “one of the most respected dance studios in the world.” These posts demonstrate how the studio has had an immense impact on the local community, even though it is moving to a new city.

The studio has also been praised for its ability to adapt to the pandemic, with many of the posts mentioning the studio’s transition from physical to virtual classes. This has enabled the studio to remain open, despite its physical relocation, allowing students to continue their classes from the comfort of their own homes.

A Lasting Legacy?

Although the Abby Lee Dance Company is relocating to Los Angeles, it will still be remembered as one of Pittsburgh’s most successful art venues. It has left a lasting impact on the city, inspiring many of its current dancers, and providing the spark of creativity that has been the source of so much local art and culture.

The success of the Abby Lee Dance Company has not only been limited to Pittsburgh. Despite many of its activities being conducted virtually, the studio has managed to create an international following, securing its legacy in the global dance world.

This will also be evident when the studio re-opens in Los Angeles, as the studio’s mission for developing and nurturing the creativity of its members will remain steadfast. In its new city, the Abby Lee Dance Company will continue to shape, guide and encourage its members, leaving a legacy that all dancers can be proud of.

Recording the Studio’s “Final” Chapter

In the wake of the studio’s departure, many have been moved by the outpouring of emotion and reflection on the studio’s legacy. Pittsburgh news station WPXI-TV covered the story and released a series of interviews with former Abby Lee Dance Company members, all reminiscing on the impact that the studio had on their lives.

This coverage has also reignited the interest in the original Dance Moms show, stimulating conversations around the show, and giving the studio one “final” spotlight before it closes its doors in Pittsburgh.

While the studio’s presence in the city may be coming to an end, this flurry of activity serves as a reminder that, for many people, the studio will be remembered for its lasting contribution to the development of dance in Pittsburgh.

Reflection On The Studio’s Legacy

Despite the studio’s departure, and its physical relocation to Los Angeles, the impact of the Abby Lee Dance Company will forever remain in Pittsburgh. Its ethos of creativity and growth has shaped many of its members’ careers, and the move to Los Angeles marks the beginning of a new chapter for the studio, but does not signal the end of its legacy.

The Abby Lee Dance Company has allowed hundreds of artists and dancers to leave their mark on the city of Pittsburgh, and its closure has marked a significant moment in the city’s history.The studio’s success has further cemented Pittsburgh’s status as a cultural mecca, while giving its members the opportunity to explore and discover dance in an unforgiving world.

As the Abby Lee Dance Company moves to Los Angeles, it will take its legacy with it, acting as a beacon of hope and creativity for dancers throughout the world.

Live Streamed Performances From The New Studio

The relocation of the Abby Lee Dance Company to Los Angeles marks the beginning of a new era for the studio, and it is expected that the new venue will be a global stage for dancers from all over the world. Already, the studio has announced plans for live streamed performances to be held at the venue, allowing viewers to experience the studio in real-time.

The studio has promised these performances will be of the same standard that fans are used to from its Pittsburgh location, with a range of styles and disciplines showcased at the new venue. This has further raised expectations that the Abby Lee Dance Company may continue to thrive, with its reputation preceding it.

The news of the live streamed performances has further caused a stir in the dance community, with some speculating that the studio may be planning a comeback tour of sorts, and possibly even return to Pittsburgh at some point. While this cannot be confirmed, it is certainly interesting to consider how the studio may seek to expand its reach, and secure its legacy in the future.

New Opportunities For Former Members

The plan to relocate the Abby Lee Dance Company further deepens its impact on former members, as it opens up new opportunities that may not have been available to them before. With the move to Los Angeles, many existing dancers and former members stand to benefit from higher-profile performances, and the chance to take part in international events.

In addition, many of the studio’s instructors have been invited to move with the studio, giving them the chance to teach and perform at the new venue. As the studio continues its move to California, these instructors will be able to share their expertise with a new generation of dancers.

The Abby Lee Dance Company’s relocation to Los Angeles has certainly caught the attention of the dance world, and for former members, the move opens up new possibilities to further their careers. Only time can tell how successful this move will be for the studio and its members, but it promises to be an exciting and inspiring journey for all involved.

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