Is The Abby Lee Dance Company Still Open 2022

The Dance Company

The Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) is an American dance studio founded by Abby Lee Miller in 1980 and based in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania. The company focuses on teaching students “the life-long skills and lessons of performing” through a variety of styles, from jazz and contemporary to hip-hop and tap. The ALDC also offers a variety of services, ranging from private and group lessons to full-time training, competing, and summer camps. The company also produces many media projects, such as its reality TV series “Dance Moms”; its biopic movie, “The Alimony Swap”; and its dance-instructional videos, to name a few. However, due to some recent controversy, it is unclear if the Abby Lee Dance Company will still be operational in 2022.

Recent Events

In 2019, Abby Lee Miller retired from the ALDC and sold the company to new ownership. This deviation from the typical format of the “Dance Moms” show caused tension among its cast and viewers. Further, in 2020, the ALDC closed temporarily to comply with the regulations put in place by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the company closed again, this time due to the bankruptcy filings of its parent company. As a result, it is unclear if the Abby Lee Dance Company will still be open in 2022.

Potential Future of the Company

Expert opinion is divided as to whether or not the ALDC will remain operational in 2022. Some believe that the company will continue to exist, thanks to the dedication of its new ownership. Others feel that the current financial difficulties may prove to be too much for the company to overcome. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have detrimental effects on the world of performing arts, a setback from which ALDC may not be able to recover.

Impact of ALDC’s Operations on the Dance Community

The potential closure of ALDC is not only concerning for the company itself, but also for the broader dance community. The ALDC has been a long-standing source of unity and inspiration for the world of dance, and its potential demise may cause an emotional rift among the many dancers that compose it. Moreover, ALDC has served as the bridge between amateur dancers and the professional world, providing guidance and mentorship to countless aspiring young artists; its potential closure may even result in another generation of untapped talent being lost to the world.

Industry Perspective

The world of performing arts has been one of the most heavily impacted by the pandemic. With many venues closed and events cancelled due to COVID-related restrictions, a large portion of the industry’s income has been hindered. Unfortunately for the ALDC, the company may not be able to overcome these financial setbacks, especially if its parent company has faced bankruptcy. On the other hand, the company’s new ownership may provide the company with the necessary resources to withstand the pandemic’s financial effects.

The Impact on ALDC’s Staff and Students

The potential closure of ALDC will have a detrimental impact on the multitude of students, employees and instructors that the studio has been proudly serving for the past forty years. For starters, current students and staffers will be forced to find alternative studios and career paths. Additionally, instructors will be forced to search for new employment opportunities, and many of the long-term students may be forced to abandon the path of dance education until the company reopens. The impact will be both financial and emotional.

Current Actions Being Taken

The ALDC’s new ownership is currently focused on protecting the company’s future and revitalizing the studio’s operations. Their main strategies consist of developing media projects, such as “Dance Mom Across America Tour”, a virtual reality experience of the ALDC studios, promoting various products on social media and diversifying the services offered by the company. However, the company’s financial state remains fragile, and it is still unclear if it will remain operational in 2022.

The Potential of Online Platforms

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many dance studios have been forced to close and pivot towards online operations. In many cases, these virtual operations have successfully allowed studios to maintain their operations despite the pandemic and have even yielded positive returns. As such, the ALDC may be able to benefit from such a strategy in order to remain operational. Currently, the company is developing an online educational platform, allowing users to access instructional videos, classes, and other resources.

Developmental Challenges

Developing an online platform has presented a unique set of challenges for the company. For starters, many dancers and instructors may not be readily familiar with virtual operations. Furthermore, the studio must find innovative ways to keep students engaged in a virtual setting. Additionally, finding new instructors and recruiting students to the platform may also present some difficulties. However, the company’s current efforts to develop an online platform signal a prudent approach towards the future of the studio.

Competing Dance Studios

The ALDC is not the only dance studio that is undergoing development and adaptation in order to remain operational. Other studios are also competing for student attention, making the task of keeping studio operations afloat even more challenging. However, the ALDC has a long-standing history of excellence, offering valuable services to its students and inspiring many aspiring dancers. As such, the company may be able to maintain its esteemed position in the world of dance.

Innovations of ALDC

The ALDC is continuing its efforts towards innovation, a testament to its commitment to keep its operations running. The company has rolled out new initiatives, such as miniature “So You Think You Can” events and online contests to fuel the motivation of young dancers. Additionally, the ALDC has even opened an online store, allowing customers to purchase dancewear, studio rentals, and other merchandise.


The Abby Lee Dance Company has experienced a number of challenges in recent years, making it unclear if it will remain operational in 2022. While its new ownership is making efforts to diversify the services it provides and transitioning operations to an online platform, the company is still facing financial obstacles due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, if the ALDC is able to overcome its current financial challenges, the company may be able to remain operational and upheld its long-standing legacy in the world of dance.

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