Is Shane Company Open Today

Company and Shopping Experience

Shane Company is an online retailer of diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry with over 18 locations across the United States. As an e-commerce retailer, they allow customers to shop from the comfort of their homes while providing a personalized shopping experience. With Shane Company, customers enjoy a superb selection of jewelry crafted in house with conflict-free diamonds and unique stones and metals. Shopping at Shane Company has never been easier, offering new discounts and promotions as well as free design consultation and jewelry customization services.

History and Leadership

Shane Company was founded in 1971 by Richard Shane and his brother James. Since then, the company has grown to become a well-known leader in fine jewelry. The company has a rich history spanning nearly 50 years, and their core mission remains the same: to provide the highest quality at the best value to our customers.
The company is now guided by their CEO, Greg Shane, who leads the company’s leadership team in its commitment to bringing the latest and greatest products to their customers. In addition to Greg, the leadership team is made up of experienced professionals from various industries, such as finance, sales and marketing, technology, logistics, retail, and design.

Business Hours and Contact Information

The Shane Company hours of operations vary by location. During the holiday season, holiday hours may be in effect. Customers may find the exact business hours of the location they are looking to shop at by visiting the store locations page on their website.
If customers have any questions or concerns they would like addressed they can do so by either emailing, calling, or using the live chat feature on their website. The Shane Company customer service team is ready and happy to help.

Shane Company Open Today?

Shane Company may not be open today depending on the location. Customers can go to the store’s location page to find the information they need. If Shane Company is open today, customers can expect to have a pleasant shopping experience with plenty of options and assistance. Shane Company customers can trust that they will be provided with the highest quality diamonds and jewelry while also having the opportunity to create custom pieces.

Online Shopping and Delivery

For the convenience of customers, Shane Company also offers online shopping so customers can shop from the comfort of their own home. The website provides customers with a secure platform to shop and customers can rest assured that their payment and personal information is kept secure.
Shane company offers free shipping for purchases over a certain amount and customers can even track their orders. Furthermore, an in-depth product description is provided for each item and customers can also view videos that feature an overview of each item.

829 Warranty and Return Policy

The Shane Company understands that customers need and appreciate a fantastic warranty and return policy. Customers can rest assured knowing there is security with their Shane warranty, which covers any manufacturers defects that arise from the purchase. In addition, returns are allowed within 60 days, along with with a money back guarantee allowing customers to feel secure with their product.

Outstanding Customer Service

Shane Company values their customers above all else. This means providing an outstanding customer service experience. The company’s customer service team is dedicated to providing a personalized experience to each and every customer. The team can answer any questions a customer may have in regards to a product or an order, or simply just provide insight to customers who are looking to learn more about purchasing diamonds and gemstones.

Giving Back and Certifications

The Shane Company is passionate about giving back to the communities they serve. They annually give back to several causes, such as animal welfare and disaster relief organizations, as well as support a variety of activities for their employees, customers and communities.
Additionally, Shane Company is committed to excellence and quality. The diamonds provided by Shane Company are certified and ethically sourced. As part of the Kimberley Process, all diamonds are tracked throughout their production and originating countries are verified.

Artisan Craftsmanship

At Shane Company, every piece of jewelry is crafted in house by certified artisans with a passion for design. Their jewelry collections include rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets, as well as gemstones and diamonds. All pieces are designed with sustainability and quality of materials in mind. In addition, each piece is coated in the Shane Company proprietary lifetime DiamondLite diamond protection system to ensure longevity.

Engraving Services and Customization Features

Shane Company offers an engraving service for customers who want to add a special message or symbol to their purchased items. Furthermore, an extensive customization feature is also offered for customers who want to create something truly unique and special.


Shane Company is a retailer of diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry that offers a wide selection of the best qualities and a personalized shopping experience. Customers can find the store’s exact opening times through the company website. However, depending on the location, the store might not be open today. If customers have any inquiries or need help shopping, Shane Company’s customer service team is available via live chat, email, or phone. In addition, the company offers a satisfaction guarantee, free shipping, and engraving services, as well as the chance to customize jewelry. With Shane Company, customers can be confident that they are provided with the best products at the best prices.

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