Is Elephant A Good Car Insurance Company

Background Information.

Elephant Insurance is a car insurance provider that serves customers in the United Kingdom. It is part of Admiral Group plc, an international insurance company with over 15 million customers around the world. Elephant Insurance offers various types of car insurance policies to meet different customer needs, including third-party only, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive policies. It also provides multi-car insurance, which allows customers to insure two or more cars on the same policy.

Data and Expert Opinions.

Experienced drivers and car owners have generally had good experiences with Elephant Insurance. According to customer reviews, Elephant Insurance provides good value for money, with competitive rates and no hidden fees or charges. Additionally, its customer service team has been praised for being helpful and responsive to customers’ needs. On the other hand, some customers have complained about the lack of clarity in their policies and inflexible payment options.


Overall, Elephant Insurance appears to be a reliable and trusted car insurance provider. However, it is important for customers to shop around for the best deal and compare different providers before making a decision. By comparing the various car insurance policies available on the market, customers can ensure they get the right policy that meets their needs at the best price.

Customer Reviews.

Customer reviews offer valuable insight into the quality and reliability of different car insurance providers. On review websites such as Trustpilot, Elephant Insurance receives high ratings from customers, with many praising its affordability, customer service, and helpfulness. Many customers have also highlighted that when something does go wrong, Elephant Insurance’s team is quick to resolve the issue with minimal fuss.

Claims Process.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a car insurance provider is the claims process. Reviewers have reported that Elephant Insurance’s claims process is straightforward and efficient. In the event of a claim, customers can contact the insurer via phone or online form to make a claim. The insurer will then assess the claim and pay out any compensation within a reasonable amount of time.

Insurance Coverage.

When buying car insurance, customers should also make sure to check the coverage levels. Elephant Insurance offers a wide range of features and benefits, including coverage for legal expenses, personal belongings, and courtesy cars. Additionally, the company offers discounts for customers who opt for higher levels of cover or add additional drivers or cars to their policy.


Elephant Insurance is a reliable and trusted car insurance provider that offers good value for money and excellent customer service. However, customers should compare car insurance policies from different providers to find the best deal that meets their needs. Additionally, customers should check the coverage levels and claims process of the policy they are considering before they make a purchase.

Customer Support

Elephant Insurance’s customer service team has been praised for their helpfulness and responsiveness. Customers can contact Elephant Insurance anytime via phone, email, or their online live chat service. The insurer also has an extensive FAQ section that provides answers to common queries regarding their policies.

Premiums and Discounts

Elephant Insurance offers competitive premiums and discounts to customers who opt for higher levels of cover or add additional drivers or cars to their policy. Customers can also save money by increasing their voluntary excess or opting for a 6- or 12-month policy rather than a rolling monthly one. Elephant Insurance also offers discounts for customers who pay for their policies upfront or use their black box tracking device.

Mobile App

Elephant Insurance also offers a free mobile app, which customers can use to manage their policies and make claims. The app provides customers with easy access to their policy documents, contact details, and a range of other useful features. The app also includes an ID card generator, so customers can always have access to their car insurance information when they need it.

Financial Stability

Another important factor to consider when choosing a car insurance provider is their financial stability. Elephant Insurance is a part of the Admiral Group, an international insurance company that is financially secure and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that customers can be assured that their policies are backed by a financially stable and reliable company.

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