Is Amy’s Baking Company Still Open 2018


Amy’s Baking Company was created in 2012 by Amy and Samy Bouzaglo. The couple opened their business and bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona. The couple and their business were catapulted to national stardom following their 2013 appearance on the Fox television show “Kitchen Nightmares.” Amy and Samy were depicted as argumentative, insensitive, and overly aggressive to customers, and even the show’s celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who failed to help them turn their business around. The couple became, on some level, a joke in the foodie world, and there were reports that customers were frustrated with the food and customer service that resulted in this eatery being shut by the health department, so it was no surprise to hear that Amy’s Baking Company had gone out of business, when reports in 2014 revealed the same.


However, Amy and Samy continued to be in the public eye, and news of Amy’s Baking Company’s continued operation has encouraged interest in the eatery. Since October 2014, there have been articles claiming that Amy’s Baking Company is still open, while some articles have described the eatery as being closed. This only adds fuel to an already confusing saga. While it is true that the Scottsdale-based location has closed its doors indefinitely, many claim it is still in business, operating as an online bakery that delivers freshly-baked goods to customers.


One of the primary reasons is that the couple became fodder for political jokes and entertainment. Clearly, there is an understanding that Amy and Samy were in their own way, entrepreneurs, with an idea of how to deal with the public and the food service industry in their own way. People may look down on Amy and Samy’s tactics, but at the same time, it reflects the willingness they had to embrace whatever tactics they perceived necessary to open a business and make it successful.


Chef Gordon Ramsay, a Scottish restaurateur and chef, was brought on to help Amy and Samy trying to turn their business around. Ramsay claims to have difficulty helping the Bouzaglos because of their unique approach to service and their refusal to accept outside assistance.
An expert working in the food service industry, Elizabeth Bruenig, offers the perspective that while Amy’s Baking Company may exist as an online store, it is yet to be seen whether their business will be successful. Bruenig states, “The viability of the business depends largely on whether people still want Amy and Samy’s style of food, and also how well she [Amy] administers the online bakery.”

Online Platforms

Amy and Samy Bouzaglo used their online presence as a means of drumming up business, however their presence on various online platforms has been consistently marred by controversy. They made use of the website “Yelp” as an outlet to spread word of mouth advertising, yet people started to compare their experiences at the eatery with what they had seen on “Kitchen Nightmares,” and the comments started to become more and more negative. This led to Amy and Samy creating their own website, “”, to highlight their own services, however their website was eventually taken down due to the negative feedback they received.


The episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares” which featured Amy’s Baking Company have had a lasting impact on the eatery. While some people may remember the episodes as hilarious, ridiculous and entertaining, others may find the couple’s antics embarrassing and damaging to the reputation of the food service industry.


The pricing provided by Amy’s Baking Company is unclear and has led to various opinions from those in the industry. Many chefs and restaurant owners have looked at their menu and see the prices as overpriced. Bruenig states that the prices may be high if the business utilizes “high-end ingredients” and “foreign” ingredients, which would not be found in a more traditional bakery.
However, Amy and Samy have also noted that the pricing reflects the service and quality they have to offer in comparison to other establishments. Therefore, although some people might consider the business overpriced, Amy and Samy’s rationale is that they are giving customers a better value for their money and that the prices reflect this.


Amy’s Baking Company has been closed for the past 3 years at their Scottsdale-based location, with customers unable to visit the establishment. Online delivery is available for customers, although more recently, the business has been offering catering services to customers within the Arizona area.
In addition to catering services, the couple have opened a new restaurant in 2017 in a new location called Amy & Samy’s Upscale Mediterranean. However, the reviews seem to be mixed, with some customers describing the food as good, while others maintaining that the food and prices do not live up to Amy’s standard.
Amy and Samy’s have also indicated they may open a second Scottsdale location, however it is yet to be seen whether this will come to fruition.


Those who have previously visited the Scottsdale location of Amy’s Baking Company, may not recognize the new establishment. Many changes have been implemented, including new promised quality customer service and an entirely new menu. Furthermore, there are reports that Amy has taken over the cooking and baking for the restaurant, in order to engage with customers and show her commitment to the food industry.
Amy & Samy’s Upscale Mediterranean venue has seen a surge in customers due to curiosity. Customers have reported that the restaurant looks and feels much different from before. According to customers, the restaurant has a modern and contemporary atmosphere, with an impressive and diverse menu. In particular, their brunch menu is a hit and has received a considerable amount of positive feedback.


The reviews of Amy & Samy’s have mostly been positive, however there have been reports of inconsistency and an overall lack of enthusiasm from customers. Some customers have reported that the Bouzaglos may have become complacent in providing quality customers service now that they have a celebrity chef’s name in their establishment.
In addition, there have also been claims that while their prices are fair and the food is of good quality, the overall atmosphere of the restaurant has encouraged some customers to be put off from visiting again or advocating its services to others.


Amidst the varying opinions and controversies that surround the Bouzaglos and their business, it is clear that they have experienced success and failures in their venture to make Amy’s Baking Company a successful business.
Despite closing their Scottsdale location, Amy and Samy’s have tapped into the catering market, through their new restaurant – Amy & Samy’s Upscale Mediterranean. Although the reviews are somewhat mixed, there is still hope for them to regain the standing they once had in the local food industry.
Whether further success or failure lies ahead for the Bouzaglos remains to be seen. In the meantime, the business continues to be interesting to both foodies and those who simply want to watch drama unfold.

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