Is Amy’s Baking Company Open

The infamy of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona has been coined as the most disastrous episode of cooking show Kitchen Nightmares ever recorded. Though it created a media sensation and pushed the restaurant into the public limelight, the story behind Amy’s Baking Company is steeped in mystery. Ever since the episode aired, people have been left wondering – five years on, is Amy’s Baking Company still open?

Though Chef Gordon Ramsay’s episode featuring Amy’s Baking Company aired in 2013, Scottsdale locals can tell stories about the restaurant for years before. Former Arizona Republic reporter Michael Nowels told Eater AZ that Amy’s seemed “ damned from the start”. Employees described a chaotic experience working at the restaurant, reporting excessive yelling, refusal of tips and wages as well as an unwillingness to work. Sal Yvars, a former waitress at Amy’s Baking Company, told Nowells “ It was hard to work there and then when the episode came out, it became impossible.”

But never before had Amy’s notoriety reached the ridiculously explosive heights it experienced after Gordon Ramsay’s episode aired. After being featured in what is regarded as the craziest ever episode of Kitchen Nightmares the media continued to frenzy, taking opposing sides and stirring up a global conversation. Supporters praised Amy and her husband Samy’s hard work, while also questioning the professionalism that had gotten the restaurant into its current state; meanwhile, the hatred towards Amy and Samy continued to cascade, leading to a drop in customers and negative online reviews.

In response to the allegations, Amy and Samy became the target of a vicious online campaign of hate. This in turn provoked a spiraling downward social media rumpus; on Facebook and Twitter Amy and Samy’s online presence began to bear the brunt of the negative backlash. The restaurant owners became involved in a rift of online exchanges, calling customers out and “throwing shade” in the process. Similarly, an astonishing comment of Amy’s, describing how she and her husband hoped the negative publicity would be good for business went viral and added fuel to the already raging fire.

However, surprisingly, five years on, Amy’s Baking Company is still welcoming patrons. The popular venue has received a recent steady stream of visitors who are eager to sample the restaurant’s selection of wood-fired pizzas. Despite all the backlash, both Amy and Samy maintain that Amy’s Baking Company’s has done nothing wrong and continues to thrive.

Management Practices

Amy, the co-owner of Amy’s Baking Company, is renowned for her feisty personality and ferocious work ethic. Employees often describe Amy as a “tough cookie” but she is also known to be extremely caring and accommodating. Over the last five years, growth and development has been the goal on her mind and encouragement, recognition and praise have been invaluable in achieving it; she ensures that staff is regularly praised for their hard work and often searches for new ways to reward them.

Amy also believes in ownership and responsibility for her staff’s actions, ensuring that everyone in the team is always working to their full potential. These management practices have begun to evolve more, and guests describe the atmosphere of Amy’s Baking Company now as being very relaxed and comfortable, with servers more confident and knowledgeable about the venue.

Over the past five years, Amy has diversified the menu which now contains a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as freshly made gluten-free dishes. Creative specials are now available weekly and have become popular in the restaurant with the locals. Amy has put a lot of thought into the new menu and takes great pride in the dishes she serves to her guests.

Social Media Presence

Social media is one of the primary ways Amy’s Baking Company is able to communicate their robust brand. Amy’s presence on social platforms, although abhorrent in the past, is now completely transformed. Amy shares engaging content related to the restaurant and she receives a consistent stream of positive feedback and support from her followers. Consumers are more inclined to visit and order from the restaurant due to the improved social media presence.

Amy has also taken notice of the importance of supporting local businesses. She encourages customers to purchase items from local suppliers and share recipes for them to make at home. Additionally, one of her most successful initiatives has been the launch of digital gift cards which can be purchased online and redeemed either at the restaurant or for online purchasing.

Amy also believes in diversity and inclusivity, consistently championing marginalized communities. In 2019, she partnered with local LGBTQ organizations and (as reported by AZ Central) donated 3% of the company’s profits to the community.

Customer Reviews

Amy’s Baking Company has had a positive shift in customer reviews in the past few years. It has become a popular spot for brunch, lunch, and dinner and increasingly positive comments have been popping up all over the internet. Come weekday nights, the restaurant bustles with customers devouring their unique vegetarian and vegan dishes; an array of signature salads, wood-fired pizzas, and pastas of high-standard, which are all made with locally sourced and organic ingredients.

The reviews of Amy’s Baking Company also extend to its attentive and friendly staff; people who have been raving about their experiences online have described the service as being “warm and attentive”, noting the tasty dishes, charming atmosphere and hospitable staff. On the other hand, negative reviews criticize the company’s inconsistent service and the often long wait time for food, however the overall sentiment regarding the restaurant is that it is the best place in Scottsdale for American dining.

Links to the Media Frenzy

Despite the renewed positive public perception and opinion of Amy’s as a place to eat, the controversies and public scandals of the past are still very much alive. The restaurant still appears often in the news and continues to be linked to the kitchen nightmares episode. Numerous entertainment and lifestyle websites display headlines such as “What Really Happened to Amy’s Baking Company after Kitchen Nightmares?” and “Remember When Gordon Ramsay Tried to Save Amy’s Baking Company?”.

Remarkably, Amy herself continues to make headlines and use newsworthy events to engage with her customers. Just this year, on the Kitchen Nightmares anniversary, Amy tweeted a photo of her restaurant and a message that said: “Thank you for all the support over the years!”. Amy has also been featuring vibrant photos of her dishes on Facebook and actively commenting on news outlets that have featured her restaurant.

Reactions of Locals

Locals have been mostly supportive of Amy’s Baking Company, understanding the turbulent journey the venue took leading in the aftermath of Kitchen Nightmares was hard to navigate. People who lived in Scottsdale when the episode originally aired still remember the initial backlash and negative attention, however they never gave up on the venue and continuously reiterated how proud they were of Amy and Samy.

Additionally, numerous locals have spoken up to attest that the couple have essentially “mastered” their bakery and eatery business and for the last five years have been strong examples of what it means to fight for one’s business. Even Chef Ramsay has continued to follow the restaurant’s story – sending out an admirable social media message of support on the five-year anniversary of the episode. The Scottsdale locals are thrilled that Amy’s Baking company is still open and thriving, their messages of support constantly flood the internet.

Serving the Community

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Amy and Samy have used Amy’s Baking Company to serve their community. They started a special delivery service to bring food to those in need and offered discounts to those with limited means. Amy and Samy have created a project in which they pay local workers to prepare meals for vulnerable people and their families.

In an interview with AZ Central, Amy mentioned her intention of opening an addiction center in 2022. She hopes this center will provide a safe and healing atmosphere for those in need of help. With the help of local organizations, Amy plans to expand the reach of the center and raise awareness about drugs and alcohol addiction.

The couple has also decided to donate 10% of the earnings from their popular pizza to a local charity that supports homeless veterans. This charity provides former service members with a stable home, health care and employment assistance. In addition, Amy and Sammy have committed to sponsoring programs with the mission of offering free job training and placement to formerly incarcerated individuals.


Amy’s Baking Company received global attention in 2013 and since then, Amy and Samy have embraced the challenge to reposition the restaurant at the center of the conversation. Acknowledging the disenchanted public opinion, they immediately began working to develop a robust social media strategy with an eye towards reigniting public interest in their venue, maintaining ethical practices, and promoting local initiatives.

The approach worked and the couple have managed not only to survive the backlash, but truly thrive. Amy’s Baking Company is now recognized for its mission of supporting the community and instilling responsible values in the employees.

Amy and Samy have come a long way from the moment their episode as celebrities of Kitchen Nightmares was aired. After that, the venture was condemned from multiple fronts, lacking the reputation it had before. The success of the restaurant, however, is due to the courage of the couple who, despite all the hardship and difficulties, chose to keep the business alive and even enrich it.

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