Is Acura An American Car Company

Origin of Acura

Acura is a luxury automobile company owned by Honda, which is based in Japan. Owned by Honda since 1986, Acura was established as the luxury arm of Honda in order to break into the U.S. luxury car market. The first vehicles produced by Acura were the NSX and the Legend, which were launched in the U.S. in 1989.

The U.S. market, however, considers Acura to be an American-made car and has become enormously successful in the industry, even more so than its parent company. From 1989 to 2019, Acura has sold more than four million cars and currently ranks number eight in the U.S. market.

The success of Acura in the U.S. can be attributed to Honda’s commitment to quality and innovation, as well as the availability of the brand in most areas of the country. As compared to other Japanese-based luxury car companies, such as Lexus and Infiniti, Acura has been able to establish itself as one of the most mainstream luxury car brands in the U.S.

Factors contributing to the popularity of Acura in the US

There are several factors contributing to Acura’s success in the U.S. market. Firstly, the reliability and quality of the cars are among the best in the industry. Acura models are well known for their reliability and they offer a good warranty coverage that provide a sense of security to the buyers. In addition, the cars are fuel efficient and offer good value for money.

Secondly, the pricing of Acura cars is also very competitive. Acura offers cars that are cheaper than other Japanese luxury car brands, such as Lexus and Infiniti, but with similar features and quality. This has allowed the brand to become more appealing to more price-sensitive buyers.

Thirdly, Acura has been able to differentiate itself from the competition by offering high-tech features, such as advanced safety and driver assistance systems, that other brands do not offer. This helps to attract buyers who value safety and convenience.

Finally, Acura’s customer service is also known to be exemplary. The company’s customer service team is always available to help with any issues or concerns customers may have. This helps to build loyalty and adds to the buying experience.

Acura’s latest developments

Acura is committed to offering a wide range of luxurious vehicles that offer the latest in performance, technology, and design. The company is constantly releasing new models and updating its current lineup. For example, the 2021 Acura TLX was released recently with a redesigned exterior and a revamped interior.

The company is also introducing new EVs and hybrids, such as the 2021 NSX Hybrid Supercar. The company is also investing in self-driving technologies and electrification. Acura recently launched its “Acura Autonomy” program, which will allow drivers to control their Acura vehicles with their smartphone.

In addition, Acura is committed to making its vehicles more eco-friendly by using sustainable materials. The company is actively looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of its cars and the usage of renewable sources of energy, such as solar power.

Future of Acura

The future of Acura looks very promising. With its commitment to quality and innovation, it is highly likely that the company will continue to be one of the most successful luxury car brands in the world. With the introduction of EVs and hybrids, as well as its focus on self-driving technology and sustainability, the company is well-positioned to remain a leader in the market.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve and the demand for luxury cars increases, Acura is in the perfect position to capitalize on the trend. By continuing to develop innovative, reliable, and technologically advanced models, Acura is sure to remain one of the top luxury car brands in the world.

Competitors to Acura

Acura faces tough competition from other Japanese luxury car makers, such as Lexus and Infiniti. Both brands offer similar features and quality as Acura, and they have a larger presence in the U.S. market. The competition has been fierce and Acura has had to constantly innovate and provide new products and services to remain competitive.

Acura also competes with German luxury brands, such as BMW and Mercedes. These companies have a more established presence in the U.S. and offer cars that are more exclusive and higher performing than Acura cars. Therefore, Acura has to continue to differentiate itself from its competitors in order to stay ahead of the pack.


Acura is an American car company that has earned its place in the U.S. luxury car market due to its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. With its focus on future-ready technologies and sustainability, as well as its competitive pricing, Acura is sure to remain one of the most beloved luxury car brands in the world.

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