How To Find Out Which Tow Company Has Your Car


Losing your car is a terrible feeling – your only hope of getting it back lies in finding the right tow company. But how can you be sure which tow company has your car? Can you trust their quotes? How do you ensure that you receive the best possible service? The process of tracing your vehicle and finding the right tow company can be difficult and stressful, but by following a few guidelines, you should be able to locate your car and the best possible tow company for your needs.


The first step when attempting to locate your car is to do some research. If you know the name of the tow company, you can easily search for customer reviews and ratings online. Look for customer feedback and testimonies as well as websites that talk about the company’s services. If you don’t know the name of the tow company, you can use online mapping services to determine which companies are located near the scene. You may also be able to call the police to ask if they have any records of who they contacted to tow away your car.


Once you have a list of tow companies in mind, it’s time to evaluate them. Ask each tow company for a written estimate of their services and compare the costs. Make sure to enquire about any additional fees, such as storage fees and policies. Pay attention to customer service; does the company seem trustworthy? Can they provide references? Does the tow company have a good reputation? Also, ask for a copy of their insurance and licensing to ensure the company is reputable and legitimate.


After you have compared costs and services between tow companies, it’s time to interview them. Schedule a time for each tow company to come out and meet with you so you can assess their professionalism, expertise and customer service skills. Ask them questions about the services they offer and how they could help you locate your vehicle. Can they provide a timeline for the process of locating and towing the car? Do they have any strategies for tracking the vehicle?

Check Qualifications

It’s also important to check the qualifications of the towing company. Make sure the company is certified and licensed to conduct business in your area. Check the company’s credentials to see if they are adequately insured in case of any damage or losses to your vehicle during the towing process. It’s also a good idea to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if there have been complaints filed against them. If possible, contact local car repair shops to get recommendations of reliable and reputable tow companies in your area.

Agree On Terms

Once you have chosen the right tow company for your needs, you should agree on the terms of their service. Make sure that you are both aware of the type of tow truck the company will use, the cost of the service and how long the process is expected to take. Ask for a written agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the towing service agreement. This will also serve as a way for you to get reimbursed if your vehicle is damaged during the towing process.

Negotiate Rates

The cost of a tow can vary greatly depending on the company. It is important to take advantage of any discounts or offers that may be available, especially if you are low on funds. Negotiate the rates with the tow company to see if they can provide you with a better deal. If the company isn’t willing to negotiate, you may want to search for another tow company that is more flexible in their pricing.

Safe Keeping

After your vehicle has been towed, you will need to make sure that it is kept safe and secure. Ask the tow company for a copy of their policies for the storage of your vehicle. Ensure that the company has a secure facility and reputable security measures in place. Make sure to ask any questions that you may have about how the vehicle will be stored and for how long.

Be Pro-Active

It’s essential to stay proactive when trying to locate your vehicle. Call the tow company regularly to check up on the progress of the towing process. Be clear about the timeline you expect and the cost involved so that you can keep track of the process and make sure that you are being charged appropriately. If the tow company is being slow in the towing process, ask for an explanation.

Educate Yourself

Having knowledge of the towing process can help you make an informed decision. Educate yourself on the different types of tow trucks and their uses so you can choose the best one for your situation. Learn about how the towing process works, and the cost involved, so you can make sure that you get the best service for the best possible price.


Don’t forget to check online reviews after the process is complete. Be sure to write a review of your own, detailing your experience with the company so that others can make an informed decision. Reviewers often provide insight and perspectives that you may not have been aware of, so be sure to read through them carefully.


Don’t be afraid to haggle the price. Towing companies often charge high prices, especially if you’re in an emergency situation. Don’t be afraid to mention offers from other companies or negotiate the price down. Companies are often willing to work with customers in order to keep them happy and get their business, so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for a better rate.

Think Ahead

It’s important to think ahead when it comes to finding a tow company. If you’re in an emergency situation, make sure to take the time to research and compare companies before selecting one. Research the company’s policies and procedures, as well as their cost structure, and determine whether the tow is necessary or if there are more cost-effective options available.

Ask Questions

Finally, don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have them. If a towing company is hesitant to disclose information or answer questions, you should consider looking for another company. Be sure to ask questions about insurance, licensing, and any other policies that you need to be aware of. Asking questions can help you make an informed decision and get the best service for the best price.

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