How Late Is Noodles And Company Open


Noodles & Company is a fast-casual restaurant concept that offers fresh and customizable pasta dishes, rice dishes and salads. The restaurant concept originated in 1995, and has grown to nearly 500 locations across the United States. While the restaurant’s hours of operation vary by location, Noodles & Company typically closes earlier than other fast-casual options – often around 10PM.

Menu Offerings

Noodles & Company offers a wide variety of pasta and rice-based dishes, salads and other sides. Customers can customize their dishes with various proteins, sauces and toppings. Popular dishes include the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, Zucchini Rigate and the Japanese Pan Noodles. The restaurant also offers a dish known as the Super Green Bowl, which is based with a variety of vegetables.


Noodles & Company generally closes at 10PM at most locations, although times can vary slightly depending on the location. The hours of operation are typically posted on the restaurant’s website and the restaurant’s Facebook page. Some locations may close as early as 9PM, while some may remain open until 11PM.
In addition to hours of operation, most Noodles & Company locations offer a delivery service. This delivery service can reach many areas and is generally restricted to within a certain radius of the restaurant’s physical location.


Noodles & Company offers a wide variety of career opportunities. From entry-level restaurant positions to corporate roles, the restaurant chain provides a variety of job opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Team members have the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, management, customer service and more.
In addition to competitive wages, Noodles & Company offers team members discounts on meals as well as a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical insurance, a 401(k) plan, vacation days, paid time off and more. Employees also have opportunities to advance within the company, with many senior management roles filled by individuals who began in entry-level positions.

Marketing Strategies

Over the years, Noodles & Company has developed an effective marketing strategy that has enabled the restaurant chain to increase its customer base and expand its reach. The restaurant chain has invested heavily in online marketing, utilizing website pages, email campaigns and social media platforms to promote itself.
In addition to digital strategies, the restaurant chain has also taken advantage of traditional marketing methods like radio and television ads. The chain’s network of engaged customers is also an effective marketing channel, as customers often share their experiences on social media by posting photos of their meals or providing their own personal reviews.

Community Involvement

Noodles & Company has long been involved in various community initiatives. For years, the chain has participated in fundraising efforts for local schools and other community-based organizations. Additionally, the restaurant chain awards a number of scholarships to individuals who are either current employees or have close ties to a member of the Noodles & Company family.
In recent years, the chain has also become more active in sustainability initiatives. Noodles & Company has been vocal in supporting environmental causes and is committed to sourcing sustainably raised ingredients whenever possible. The restaurant chain is also an active partner in the fight against food insecurity, providing donations of food and services to local food banks and shelters.

Mobile App

Noodles & Company also offers a mobile application that customers can use to place orders, access exclusive offers and find nearby locations. The mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices, and provides users with the convenience of being able to order their meal ahead of time and pick it up when it’s ready.
The app also provides users with access to nutritional information about the various dishes offered by Noodles & Company, allowing customers to make informed choices about their meals. The mobile app also simplifies the payment process, allowing customers to store payment information within the app for future visits.

Operational Systems

In order to ensure consistent quality, Noodles & Company has implemented a number of operational systems. For example, the restaurant chain utilizes a strict safety and sanitation protocol that helps ensure that food is handled and prepared safely. Additionally, the restaurant chain has a central commissary system that allows for a high level of consistency across all locations.
The restaurant chain also uses advanced point of sale and inventory software that helps streamline operations and keep track of ingredients and supplies. These systems allow the restaurant to run more efficiently and provide customers with quicker meal service.

Customer Service

Noodles & Company is dedicated to high-quality customer service, and the restaurant chain has implemented a number of measures to ensure that customers are provided with an enjoyable dining experience. Team members are trained to greet customers with a friendly and welcoming attitude, and the restaurant provides a feedback system so that customers can rate their experiences and provide suggestions for improvement.
The restaurant chain also has an online customer service center that is open 24/7. Customers can access the customer service center at any time, either online or via phone, and all inquiries are responded to in a timely manner. Additionally, the restaurant chain provides a rewards program that provides discounts and exclusive offers to loyal customers.

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