Do You Care For Some Company

Who Does Not Welcome Company?

In our highly connected world it can sometimes be easy to forget how important it is to have people around you. As much as we like to be independent, human nature dictates that we need the presence of others around us. Regardless of whether you are the life of the party or the introverted type, company is something that never goes unappreciated.
Most people, who have ever lived alone, would tell you that after a while, three walls and a boring interior become very depressing. Having no one around to talk to or share life experiences with can be extremely discouraging, and can potentially jeopardise your mental health in the long run. Company is not only a source of moral support and entertainment, but it is also a source of security.
It is true that solitude can enhance creativity, but not all of us are born with the ability and the patience to be alone. Having somebody special to talk to and having the ability to talk to people who understand how you feel and empathise with you can make life seem a lot more enjoyable.
Experts and studies in psychology agree that human beings are not made to be island dwellers and are supposed to be around other people, to learn, grow and develop. This not only helps us improve our communication skills, but it also helps us cope better with everyday situations, specifically those situations where it can feel like we are very much on our own.
However, that does not mean one should depend on someone else to make them feel happy and complete. Everyone has their own journey to make and depending on somebody else to hold your hand through it ends up being more of a burden than a blessing.

The Benefits of Having Someone to Talk To

Having someone by your side that you can trust, to open up to and express your emotions to can be a tremendously beneficial thing. Despite what you think or what others tell you, it does not make you weaker or less independent, rather it shows you are strong enough to trust someone with your thoughts, ideas and deepest secrets.
It is difficult to not feel lonely when living in a busy, noisy city, where everyone is busy with their lives, and you are often ignored. Company makes such occasions more bearable, it gives an opportunity to talk to strangers and opens doors to new friendships. It is interesting to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. This helps broaden our understanding of the world and make our lives more interesting.
It is not just socialising that is beneficial, but also interacting with someone who is in a similar situation to you. Every person has their own set of experiences and learning from each other brings with it an understanding of life and its complexities that can help shape and make our lives better.

The Benefits of Taking Time for Yourself

Many of us assume that being lonely is bad, however that is not always the case. Having a moment of solitude can be very refreshing and a great way of refreshing your mental batteries. Taking time alone to disconnect from everyone and everything can be a very liberating experience.
When our minds have time to rest, we can then reboot and come back to the world with a clearer vision. It is only when we open up the window of our minds and have a moment of clarity that we can understand ourselves better, and make better decisions.
Alone time is also beneficial in helping us build our confidence. Locked away in our small boxes, there is no pressure to pick the correct answer, to speak correctly and to be accepted by others. We do not have to be someone when we are by ourselves, hence we can be completely honest, and that honesty can lead to unconventional ideas and discoveries.

The Importance of Having People Around You

It is important to remember that although it is beneficial to have time for ourselves, it is also important to have people around us. We are social animals and it is our nature to want to be around other people.
Having people around us helps create a sense of safety and belonging. People might show concern for each other’s problems and lend a helping hand for situations that one person cannot handle on their own. It takes the whole community to run a household, and friendships and relationships help foster such communities.
Friends and family provide an emotional connection that is difficult to reproduce in any other way. In a family we are taught love and to help each other out even when we do not feel like it. Friends help us stay positive and motivated, they give us advice and help us stay competitive.

The Benefits of Human Interaction

The fact is that human interaction is an essential part of our development. The aspect of socialisation is extremely necessary, it teaches us how to think and feel, it helps us understand all the complexities of life and the people living in it.
Through social interaction, we learn what is acceptable and what is not, what kind of behavior is expected from us and how we must go around adjusting to the rest of the world.
It is also through interacting with people that we learn communication. Talking is a skill which needs to be honed and as humans, we learn from each other how to communicate in a polite way, how to make our points without seeming rude and how to put others’ emotions before our own.

The Difference Between and Online and “Real Life” Interaction

We live in a world dominated by the digital and the virtual, where a majority of our communication is done virtually. Even though this has its benefits and is a great way of staying in touch with people, it is no replacement for face-to-face interaction.
Online conversations are a lot less expressive, they are more robotic and lack the emotional connection of being in the same room. As much as some might think that conversations online have more depth and a better understanding, it is quite the opposite.
In a conversation online, the conversation is limited to what is being said, with little room for the other person to get an idea of impressions, facial expressions, body language or any other kind of nonverbal communication.

The Need For Validation

We all need validation from others, it is a basic human need which has been with us for centuries. It is quite clear that with the influx of technology, the need for it has only grown, as communication has become so much easier.
This poses the question of whether people understand the need for real life connections, or if they will content with their virtual connections. It is a hard task to force yourself to take a break from all the digital conversations, but it is necessary in order to make sure that we are living our life to the fullest, and not just ticking away the time in front of a screen.

Reconnecting with the Real World

It is essential that we reconnect with our surroundings in order to stay grounded. We must truly understand the importance of physical connections, if we truly want to feel complete and happy.
We must also understand that these connections are supposed to be helpful, not draining. We are supposed to be with people on our journey who will challenge us and help us grow, rather than hold us back from achieving our goals.
We must try to be around supportive and loving people, this will not only bring joy to our lives, but it will also be beneficial for our mental health in the long run. Connections with people come in all sorts of shapes and forms, but it is essential that we remain open to them, no matter the form they come in.

Marjorie Turcios is a seasoned leader and management expert with over 25 years of experience. She has held various leadership positions in private industry, government, and education. She is an advocate for creating win-win solutions and has worked to create successful, lasting change in corporations and organizations. Marjorie is an award-winning author of several books on leadership, mentoring and coaching, and effective communication skills. Her passion is to help others discover their potential and reach new heights in their professional life through her writings. Marjorie resides in Dallas, Texas where she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to different places around the world, and speaking at conferences about her areas of expertise.

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