Can H1b Holder Open A Company In Us


An H1-B visa is a visa which enables individuals from foreign countries to work in the United States. This visa is popular with technology workers, and a large number of the tech workforce in the US is made up of H1-B workers. Many of these workers are interested in opening their own businesses in the US, which raises the question: can H1-B holders open a company in the US? The answer is yes, but there are a few important things to consider before starting such a venture.

The H1-B Visa Application Process

The H1-B visa application process can be a lengthy and complicated affair. In order to be granted a visa, an applicant must have a job offer from an approved US employer, who must then file a petition for the visa on the applicant’s behalf. The petition must be approved, and then additional paperwork and fees must be submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, who will then process the application and issue a visa if everything goes as planned.

Lowered Eligibility Requirements

It is possible for an H1-B holder to start their own business while on an H1-B visa. However, the eligibility requirements for an H1-B visa are lowered when an applicant wishes to start their own business, meaning that it may be more difficult to get an approved petition. Additionally, the US employer must prove that the business has been properly established and that its operations are actually benefiting the US economy. This can add even more complexity to the application process.

The Job Requirements of an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur involves far more than simply registering a business and hiring employees; it also involves a great deal of management responsibilities. This can create a problem for applicants who are already employed on their H1-B visa, as their visa states that they must remain employed in the same job which their visa was initially issued for. Therefore, individuals who wish to start their own business while on an H1-B visa must make sure that their duties as an entrepreneur can fit within their job description as an employee.

Options To Consider For Entrepreneurs with an H1-B visa

If an H1-B visa holder wishes to start their own business, there are a few options they can explore. They can apply for an L-1 visa, which is specifically designed for individuals who wish to open a business in the US. Alternatively, they can apply for an E2 visa, which is a temporary visa which can be used to establish a business in the US. However, both of these visas come with their own unique requirements, and both require extensive paperwork and fees.

The Benefits Of Opening a Company in the US For an H1-B visa Holder

Despite the difficulty of opening a company in the US for an H1-B visa holder, there are a number of benefits which make it worthwhile for those who are able to pursue it. Establishing a business in the US will give an individual the security of having a permanent address, as well as access to tax incentives and other business-related services. Additionally, business owners can benefit from an extended stay in the US, giving them the opportunity to experience the full benefits of being a US citizen.

Entrepreneur Pathway Programs

In recent years, the US government has created a number of entrepreneur pathway programs which make it easier for foreign nationals to open their own businesses in the US. These programs provide a more streamlined application process, as well as specialized resources and training to assist entrepreneurs in more deeply understanding the US business environment. They are specifically designed to help entrepreneurs with their H1-B visa applications, and can help make the process of opening a business in the US significantly easier for those with H1-B visas.


In summary, it is possible for an H1-B visa holder to open a business in the US, but there are a number of challenges which must be overcome in order to make it a success. Additionally, there are a number of resources and new programs in place to help entrepreneurs better understand the US business environment, and which can make the process of opening a business for those with an H1-B visa easier. While it is certainly possible for an H1-B visa holder to open a business in the US, it is important to consider the challenges involved, as well as all of the options available before taking the plunge.

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