Can Car Finance Company Garnish Wages

Can car finance companies garnish wages? That’s a question on many people’s minds and one that definitely has a complex answer. In certain circumstances, a car finance company can garnish your wages, but there are certain restrictions and stipulations to how much can be taken out and by whom.

What is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is when a court orders an employer to withhold a portion of the employee’s wages and send it directly to their creditor. It’s typically used to recover a debt, be it past-due taxes, medical bills, student loans, or the repayment of a loan.

Who Can Garnish Wages?

The only parties allowed to garnish wages are creditors who have secured a court order. This means that only a judge can instruct your employer to garnish your wages and they will only do so if they deem it necessary to help the creditor recover the debt.

Can Car Finance Companies Garnish Wages?

The simple answer is yes, car finance companies can garnish wages. However, there are certain restrictions and conditions set by the court in order for garnishment to occur. Generally speaking, a car finance company may garnish wages after a court order requiring it. Additionally, most states have laws regulating how much a creditor can take.

What Types of Wage Withholding Are Allowed?

The most common type of wage withholding is a flat percentage of your wages. This means that your employer will withhold a certain percentage from your paycheck and send it to the creditor. Another type of wage withholding is where your employer will withhold a certain amount each month. For example, if you owe the creditor a minimum of $200 a month, the court may order your employer to withhold this amount and send it to the creditor.

Are There Limits to How Much a Creditor Can Take?

Yes, there are limits to how much a creditor can take out of your paycheck each month. Generally speaking, most states limit the amount a creditor can take out to 25%. This means that out of every paycheck you receive your employer can only send 25% or less to the creditor.

Can You Appeal the Debts?

Yes, you can appeal debt garnishment decisions. Depending on the state law, you can file a two-page written notice with the court outlining the reasons for your appeal. However, if the court finds in favor of the creditor, the garnishment will proceed as ordered.

Can You Negotiate with the Creditor?

Yes, you may be able to negotiate with the creditor to lower the amount of your debt. This could include repayment plans or debt settlements where the creditor reduces the amount owed. If a repayment plan or debt settlement is reached, the court may consider this when making its decision on garnishment.


Ultimately, car finance companies can garnish wages, but there are many conditions and regulations set by the court regarding wage withholding. Additionally, you may be able to negotiate with the creditor, which could help lessen the amount owed or put an end to wage garnishment altogether.

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